How To Sound Proof a Room (DIY)

18. Nov 2020
How To Sound Proof a Room (DIY)

Noise is an issue that can be a very disturbing aspect for home-owners and residents.

This can be an issue with the neighbors living next door or even within the same premises in homes, offices or even business establishments such as recording studios.

For many people....

The way of eliminating the outside noise usually comes through the windows or the door by just shutting them off or distracting themselves by means of music or the television.

Though, in big cities and urban metropolitan,

This seems like a task and there are chances that they will be annoyed at the state.

This brings people to adopt ways to soundproof rooms, homes and personal spaces.

Many people assume that soundproofing a room can only be done by means of soundproof foam that are placed on the wall.

This is especially done in homes where the walls are wood based, thin and lets the sound pass through much easier.

In many cases where the home-owners are willing to rent out the room in their house and both the tenant and the house owners usually face the trouble of keeping their privacy intact.

Many people suggest ways to eliminate sound through their perspective and their DIY methods.

Though there are professionals working in this field to complete the desired job in the right budget and services worth guaranteeing over.

We must understand that there are two different things,

Sound proofing and sound absorbing which is mostly confused for the either when referring to sound proofing a room.  

To go in depth, we must understand the difference between the two.

Sound proofing refers to keeping the external noise from coming inside the room from outside which is done using harder materials along the wall.

Sound absorption refers to confining the sound to exit the room of your surrounding.

Sound absorption is mostly common in places like restaurants, conference halls and other places where the conversations can be loud.

This is done using softer materials along the walls which helps reduce the sound waves strength.

Soundproof Outside Noise

Sound proofing is one of the options for keeping the rooms from having any external sound and noise.

The easiest way for sound to travel in to the tenant and the owners room is through the window and doors.

To find cheap and reliable ways to sound proof the room you have a few options that may help in sound proofing the house.

1) Adhesive Tape or Strip

Using material such as adhesive glue based strips that confine with rubber along with it are a great way of eliminating any outside noise to enter the room.

They can place along the window and door lining to seal up the room completely.

This material also helps in sealing up the crack and tiny holes that might act as a pathway for sound waves to travel.

All you have to do is,

Peal the glue side of the tape and push it against the door and window border.

2) Curtains and Liners.

Liners and curtains are often used to blocking out the sunlight but due to its thick material,

It can be used as a medium to sound proof the room,

Especially from the window side.

You can always choose to have thicker and heavier curtains that can go with the interior of the room.

They are much easier to install and can be maintained and managed very easily.

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3) Soundproofing Foam

There are many places such as hardware store or home improvement stores that would sell the soundproofing foam.

You can always use this foam according to your preference,

Cut them into desired sizes and pack them around the window and the door frame.

Though there are ways you can keep it fixed by means of some water based glue or adhesive.

4) Special Material For Walls

In order to soundproof your room, you can place material within the walls.

This is a great option in times when you are choosing to renovate the wall completely.

At this point you can insulate the walls with relevant material which presents us a soundproof wall keeping all the noise from entering inside the room.

This is the most effective way of soundproofing wall known at the moment.

5) Soundproof Wall With Panels

Compared to putting material inside the walls,

It is much feasible to install the soundproofing panels.

Panels are a great way of eliminating the outside noise and does not require you to dig into the wall to complete the task.

They are very easy to install and can act to reduce the sounds from entering the room, leaving the room and even cater to reducing the echoes.

Panels are very effective and can be installed within minutes but it is not as effective as the material that is placed to insulate the walls.

Sound Absorption or Soundproof Inside Noise

There are many ways that people have suggested soundproofing the inside noise from leaking out of the room.

Most of the methods of soundproofing wall and sealing up the door and windows are suitable in this case but there are other known ways that can help reduce the sound and noise to leave your room and interfere in your housemates life.

There are many ways that can help confine the voice and sound in the room such as adding furniture or the carpet and rugs that usually absorb the sound.

Sound wave do not travel through thick wood and woolen material such as carpet.

Hanging rugs, tapestry, paintings and even decorative blankets can help keep the sound confined and absorb the necessary sound that may have leaked outside.


In the world of soundproofing, doors do not make much of a difference.

They both are made with material different from host of their base and can pass sound waves at a different pace.

They are considered as the thinnest and the weakest part of the wall and due to their functionality, noise can leak through them.

Materials that are used in soundproofing a door can be similar to the one used for soundproofing the window by means of adhesive or soundproof foam.

The main idea is to tightly seal up the door edges that may allow the sound to pass through.


Soundproofing wall and doors can be easy but soundproofing your ceiling is a difficult task.

This is because it is out reach for most of the people and in order to fix the material,

You require an opening that may allow the material to withhold its position.

This is an effective way for soundproofing room during the renovation times.

Soundproof foam can be fixed on the ceiling which acts very well in keeping the sound inside the room.

Ceiling is that side of the room that reverberate the sound in a way that an echo is heard which in turn helps the sound wave to find a passage out of the room.

This can be effective for people living above the room that is being soundproofed with the help of extra material.

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Floor requires some extra work when soundproofing.

In cases where the hardwood flooring is used,

The resident must make sure that the flooring is fixed properly.

Failure to which may cause unnecessary echoes and sharp sounds that may bother the people.


Carpet do help and work better in soundproofing when compared to the hardwood flooring.


It still requires some effort to place it properly.

There are a few ways of completely soundproofing the room, these are mentioned below:

1) Door Sweeps

Door sweeps are the type of door strips made with plastic or rubber than can be installed at the bottom of door.

It may not seem very effective,

But it does a great job in blocking the noise and sound that may leak through the bottom of the door.

They even help in insulating the room with specific appropriate room temperature.

Installing door sweep does not take much time and can be completed within minutes.


2) Caulk and Seal Interior Doors

As we have mentioned earlier,

Soundproofing the door might be similar to soundproofing the window.

You can make use of the numerous item that have been mentioned in this article such as adhesive and soundproofing foam but there are a number of permanent ways such as caulking.

Caulking require more effort than a temporary measure,

But it has the capacity to work even better.

It works by adding hard material to the surrounding perimeter of the door and windows.

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3) Soundproofing The Ceiling

Soundproofing the ceiling can be done using different materials such as wall insulation, sound absorption panels and even the soundproof foam.

The idea is to create a barrier for the sound to stop it from echoing and even letting it to leak through to the next room above.


Soundproofing your room is an essential way of keeping your privacy to be interfered by other unintentionally.

There are many ways this can be done with the help of professionals which may cost for the material and the services but can also be dealt through a few DIY practices that are mentioned in this article.

Aside from using specific materials,

There are ways to reduce the sound by means of adding items such as carpets, rugs, furniture etc. It only takes a little effort through which you can soundproof your room in peace.



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