How to make a room cooler (DIY Ways)

18. Nov 2020
How to make a room cooler (DIY Ways)

With summer time at the edge of the term or the winds of tropical regions are getting hotter, the rise in complaints are often heard.

In certain parts of the world such as the Indian subcontinent, Asia Pacific region and the South America,

The rise in temperature gets so hot that a need for a quick solution is often needed.


The use of air conditioners have risen to a point that the association of this cooling machine is always compared and related to the scorching heat of summer season.

Air conditioners and air coolers without water are widely used in almost all parts of the planet to tackle heat and with time newer and better technology has been introduced.

The cost is getting more reasonable and the effectiveness is much higher with lesser input of electricity.

The air conditioning companies do offer environmentally friendly options with reduced amount of carbon emission but it is involved more or less.

Though, it is not easy for economically challenged people to afford an air conditioner due to its cost of the unit and then all that follows,

Iits fixture, annual maintenance and the most importantly electricity bill.

There are many ways that people can replicate the effect of an air conditioner by means of household daily use items.

People have tried many successful ways to work their way around for a cooler environment during summers to continue cooling room and reduce body heat, some of the most popular ones are mentioned further in this article.

Putting Frozen Bottles in Front of Your Fan

The best way to make a DIY air condition and room cooler is by using the most easiest thing available and that is ice.

The frozen water bottles are placed in front of the fan which helps the air to cool out and makes it easy for the consumer to maintain it.

All you need for this type of DIY air conditioner and room cooler are plastic bottles, salt 51 grams for every 1.5 liter bottle and a pedestal or table fan.

One you fill up the water, add salt to it and mix it well.

Once that is done,

You can set these bottles in the freezer and wait for it to freeze completely.

The salt in the water basically reduces the freezing point of the water.

Once frozen,

Set the bottles in front of the fan six inches apart from each other.

The air is likely to cool down the moment it comes in contact with the frozen bottles.

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Make sure you keep the bottles at a distance,

Failure to do so may cause a blockage of air stream.

Oscillation of the fan will not help, the fan must be directed towards the bottles at all times.

Once you see the bottles are melting out completely,

You can put them back in the freezer and in a few hours you can enjoy your make shift air conditioner.

The smartest thing is to keep extra bottles in your freezer to keep on replacing them to avoid interruption.

Hanging Bottles behind Your Fan

Similar to the previous method,

There is a different method of putting the frozen bottles behind the fan.

The fan sucks the cooled air through the frozen bottles in order to create a proper experience of a DIY air conditioner.

Its helps equally to keep the room cold without utilizing much of electricity compared to the proper air conditioner.

The process of making this type of DIY air conditioner is elaborated as follows:

You are required to cut the empty water bottles around 2 cm from the bottom (make sure not to waste any water in the process).

You can take a utility knife into practice for this task and make sure the entire process is done delicately as it can cause harm if one is not careful enough.

Use the tip of the knife only and trace is slowly through the marked lines on the bottle.

Both the bottle must be identical to each other after cutting them.

Once cutting of the bottles is done,

You are required to make two holes on the cut bottles both roughly quarter of an inch apart.

You can use any tool for it or even a plastic drill or better work quality and precision.

Repeat this procedure to three times with rows above the holes that you made on the cut water bottles.

Once this process is done, tie the bottle's upside down on the backside of the table or box fan.

You must make sure that the fan is switched off when you are performing this task.

You must brace the bottles on the fan properly to keep it steady when the fan switches on.

When the setup of the DIY air conditioning fan is complete,

It's time to put the ice cubes in the bottle before turning the fan on.

You might have to shake up the bottles a bit to make sure the ice fits every possible inch of space available.

You have to make sure to full the bottle up to the holes and then switch your fan on.

The fan basically pulls the cold air from the ice cubes that are being directed towards fan.

As the bottles are attached to the fan itself,

It is wiser to even utilize the oscillation function for better delivery of the cold air.

Once the ice is melted,

You can drain that water into the bowl by simply twist opening the bottle cap.

You can replace this melted water with newer ice cubes in both bottles to continue making the most out of this room cooling DIY air conditioning.

Make sure when you are draining the water,

Complete the entire process for one bottle first, screw it back up then move to the other bottles.

This way you will be safe as this requires dealing with electrical equipment.

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DIY Air Conditioning Without Water & Electricity

As we have discussed earlier that the region of Indian subcontinent faces a scrutinizing heat during the summer which causes a major discomfort for people.

Living in that region from Bangladesh,

Where nearly 70% of the people live below poverty lines,

It is next to impossible for them to own an air conditioner or even the access to power supply.

To ease their suffering,

A local initiative as a social venture developed a way of cooling the air by means of plastic water bottles only.

This project is known as the Eco-Cooler which basically fits into a window through a cardboard as its base.

The company has installed 25,000 of these units and is said to lower temperature of the room by 5 degrees to 8 degrees than the current room temperature without any electricity and other maintenance cost.

The initiative is a non-profit project and the developers of this DIY air condition and room cooling setup,

Has released the blue prints of it for everyone to try.

Even though it might not be very effective for many homes and bigger apartments,

But they are suitable for huts and small homes around the world.

It is fairly easy to make this DIY air conditioner at home with the help of only a few items.

You are required to have a heavy-duty wooden cardboard to make it easier for the bottles to stay,

Otherwise there are chances of the base to break.

You need a few empty plastic water bottles and a suitable window with a high steam of air and big enough to consume as much area as possible.

You are required to cut holes in the cardboard,

The holes should only the size to fit the small end of the bottle.

This is done so that the plastic bottles stick around the cardboard.


Once the bottles are fixed,

You can simply place the Eco-Cooler on the window with its cut up bottom end on the outside to gather the air from the environment.

The air is moved through the bottles and once is reaches the bottleneck,

It starts to expand which in turns cools the air before it enters the room or wherever the Eco-Cooler is fixed at.  

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Building up a DIY air conditioner or room cooler by yourself has many benefits that may not be available with the usual air conditioners in the long run.

The air conditioners do help in improving the quality of life but there consequences that are faced by the consumer in the form of electricity bill and the carbon emission that is omitted from air conditioner and the electricity that is catering to this idea.

Building up your air conditioner may not provide a comprehensive solution but can help in working around items that are available at home.

It reduces the temperature of the room and can be a good reliable source of comfort.

All the ideas that are discussed in this article are quite tested and can provide fair solution with electricity as least to none.  


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