Top 7 Questions to Ask Before Renting a Room in Johor Bahru

18. Nov 2020
Top 7 Questions to Ask Before Renting a Room in Johor Bahru

Are you planning to visit the city of Johor Bahru in Malaysia?

Or are you looking to relocate to Johor Bahru and get a fresh start in life?

Regardless of your reason for going to the city.

You will likely have to rent a place.

Being one of the top destinations in Southeast Asia,

Johor Bahru offers several homes for rent.

But before you sign any rental contracts,

There are important things you must first settle.

There are certain factors you need to clarify.

Continue reading below as we discuss some valuable questions to ask when renting a room in Johor Bahru.

Living in Johor Bahru

Before anything else,

Let us first get an overview of daily life in Johor Bahru.

One of the main reasons the city is attractive to foreigners is the cost of living.

It is relatively affordable compared to other key cities in the region.

The prices of goods and the cost of transportation are comparable to Kuala Lumpur’s.

This means the cost of living is something that ex-pats, retirees, and moderate-income earners can afford.

As for the climate.....

Johor Bahru is generally warm and humid for most of the year.

It is also home to a great variety of locally-grown fruits and vegetables. 


The city is one of Malaysia’s manufacturing hubs.

You will find all sorts of goods like clothing and furniture.

The same thing goes for electronics that you can purchase at relatively cheaper prices.


The city boasts of a friendly community.

Its healthcare sector is also remarkable and is of world-class status. 

And if you are looking to try your luck,

There are lots of job opportunities in Johor Bahru.

Important Questions to Ask When Renting a Room in Johor Bahru

As we mentioned earlier, you simply don’t agree with the first home rental that you see. There are questions to ask before renting. Let’s take a look at seven of the most important ones below:

1. Do I Qualify?

One of the first questions to ask when renting a house is “do you qualify or not?”

This is crucial considering the stiff competition you may encounter.

The key is securing a list of the basic requirements from the landlord.

These requirements include your:

  • Current income 
  • Work history
  • Background check
  • And credit check


You must find out the number of tenants that the landlord allows per unit.

2. Do They Have a Move-in, Move-out Checklist?

Apart from the list of the basic requirements,

You should also ask if there is a move-in/check-out list.

This list contains all the items and accessories that are inside the unit.

Use this checklist as reference especially when recording any wear and tear.


Ask if the move-out checklist will play a role in computing your security deposit.

If they will not use the list to deduct for any damages,

Ask how they will compute and determine the deposit’s refund.

3. How Much Will It Cost You?

For most renters.....

This question is the most important one.

How much do you need to pay for the place?

Keep in mind that the cost not only involves your monthly rent. 

Get a lowdown on the:

  • Total cost
  • Fees
  • And other expenses that come with the place.

These include the upfront cost, deposits late fees, and non-refundable fees.


Find out the landlord’s ideal lease duration.

Ask for the different payment methods available.

Determine if the rent already includes the utilities.

4. Who Handles the Maintenance?

You also need to ask about the rules concerning the maintenance of the place.

Who will be responsible for fixing issues like plumbing and electrical concerns?

Do they have an in-house maintenance team?

If so....

How do you submit a work order?

What sort of repairs do they cover?

Find out the process and the flow of things after submitting your work order.

Determine if you will have to shoulder part of the repairs.

5. What Kind of Amenities Do You Need?

Among the different questions to ask a landlord,

This is one of the favorites.

What kind of amenities comes with the place?

But to get a better perspective of things,

Ask yourself first the specific amenities that you need.

From there....

You can easily identify the rooms or apartments that you can include in your shortlist.

Things like swimming pools and 24-hour gyms can easily distract you.


You need to keep your focus on the essentials.

Ask about the key features and if they come for free.

If there are amenities that require additional payment,

Find out how much so you can see if you can squeeze them in your budget.


If you are planning to drive a car,

ask about their parking situation.

Does your unit come with a slot or do you need to park somewhere else outside the compound?

6. What’s the Policy on Guests?

Don’t forget to inquire about their policy regarding guests.

Ask about their guest policy, particularly the limits and boundaries. 

Some landlords do not allow guests to stay inside the unit if the leaseholder is not present.


Some apartments do not allow parties beyond a certain hour of the night.

7. How Is Peace and Order in the Area?

Last but not least on the questions to ask a landlord is the safety and security of the place.

How is the peace and order situation in the area?

Are reports of robberies and pickpockets common?

Ask about their policy during emergencies.

Do they have a number you can call in case of fire or accidents inside the premises?


Find a place that is close to a hospital or a police station.

Find that Perfect Room, Today!

Knowing the right questions to ask when renting a room in Johor Bahru is essential to the quality of your stay.

By answering the questions above,

You will encounter fewer hiccups until the moment you leave the city.

But if you already have too much on your plate,

We can help point you in the right direction.

Connect with us today and check out our property listings.

We have quality rooms for rent that come with all the key amenities that you need.

Talk to one of our staff and let’s get you that perfect room, today!


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