Find Jobs In Johor Bahru (Step-By-Step)

18. Nov 2020
Find Jobs In Johor Bahru (Step-By-Step)

So now you have finished study, you are back in your hometown in Johor Bahru, and thinking of finding a job because you know if you continue as a freeloader your mom would chase you out. 

And since you are in your hometown,

You are thinking it would be best to find job in Johor Bahru.

So you started asking yourself a lot of question; where should I begin?

How to find job in Johor Bahru? Is my qualification good enough?

Worry not.

In the era where the technology is at a tip of your finger, finding job can now be made easily online.

Unlike those days....

Where you have to pass your resume around to each company not knowing whether there is any post available.

Or looking through classified to find any vacant.

Now you just have to scroll down the list on the websites.

Just sit on your chair, fill in your details and qualification and you may start browsing any job at any location name it Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Melaka or even overseas.

There are many online job portals in Malaysia.

One advice,

Do not focus on only one site as each website may offer different job variation.

For example,

When you key in Johor Bahru as your preferred location, you might find out that portal A won’t have job posting as much as portal B.


You may continue reading to find out various online job portals that might help you find jobs.


Which Malaysian doesn’t know LiNa from Jobstreet that sometimes wishes your birthday earlier than your spouse?

Still standing since 1997,

Jobstreet was founded in Malaysia and is now known as the largest job portal in Southeast Asia.

Jobstreet has an easily understood portal.

All that you need is to key in your details and the engine will start running and match you the suitable job.

You do not need to create personal CV as everything will be written down in the portal.

If you agreed for email subscription,

LiNa will notify you from time to time any suitable job for you.


LiNa will also send any suggestion on how to optimize your search and try to help you get hired as soon as possible.

And it is all for free!

For example, as you are trying to find job in Johor Bahru,

you may key in Johor Bahru at the location slot on the search engine.

The system will automatically generate and give you the list of job available in Johor Bahru.

Sounds so easy, right?

At Jobstreet you may also search for company’s review before applying.

Current or past employees for any company are allowed to make review and rate their company.


Instead of usual method where only job seekers are being scanned, it will work otherwise as job seekers are now available to review the company before apply the job.


“Working on Bean Bag” or WOBB was founded by Derek Teoh in 2014. With a mission to be Asia’s most loved job search engine.

WOBB keep on expanding from time to time.

In 2015, they launched their mobile application to make it more reachable by the job seekers.

Through a survey conducted, 77% of the employee that have landed a job through WOBB are happy with their job now and wanted to stay long in the company.

WOBB has its own unique traits where the seekers will be given a chance to view the office interior and work environment before apply the job.


You will have the picture of the company’s culture through rich media experience and may decide whether it would perfectly fit your preference.

If you are a particular person that needs to know in details before anything,

WOBB is the right place for you to browse any available vacancy.

Other than that,

WOBB also allow you to interact directly with the company via chat feature.

You may have quick interaction and some company would also ask for quick virtual interview through the messages.

The company will assess you through the conversation before deciding whether you would fit for next assessment.

WOBB require you to upload your own CV.


It will take around one working day to approve your CV once it is uploaded.


If you are waiting for a contact from the company,

Make sure to think twice if you need to change your CV as it will disturb the process.

3. Indeed

Going strong for almost 15 years,

Indeed is number 1 job portal worldwide.

Available in more than 50 countries including Malaysia,

Indeed is believed to be visited over 150 million times per month.

Though its design is a bit pale and boring as well as not very user-friendly, Indeed remains the best job site for its wide connection in one portal.

A lot of company would sign in with Indeed,

Make it a ‘gathering’ site for companies which as a result, would also gather a lot of job seekers.

Malaysian site of Indeed is known as is reported to be 929th most visited web portal in the world.

Even though with high traffic, remains calm and steady and not to forget, it is free!

Employers have two ways to view your application which is via Indeed account or email.

You will be noticed if there is company that currently viewing your application.


as Indeed also allowed job application through third party site, not every application will be notified when viewed.

Keep in mind that if you applied through third party and not received any news, it does not mean your application is not viewed.

Unlike Jobstreet,

You will need to upload your own and completed CV in Indeed.

You don’t need to fill in anything as everything will be in your CV.


Your CV plays an important role when seeking job as Indeed will act only as a connector between you and the company.


Indeed also allow company reviewed by past or current employee. Do not forget to do the quick check before applying!

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4. Wowintro

Founded by Malaysian company Positunity Sdn Bhd, wowintro has a unique way to tackle the heart of company.

You won’t need written CV.

Instead, you may have your own online 30 seconds video to impress your targeted company. Interesting, right?

wowintro targeted Generation-Y and Generation-Z job seekers.

Its main focus is for the seekers to impress the potential company by showing their strength as well as communication skill through online interview.

It is revealed 55% of employers decided to hire within the first 90 seconds of the interview using this method.

Online virtual interview will also save many costs as it is known that going for a physical interview may cost a lot from time, transportation as well as parking fee.

It is crucial to impress your targeted company within those 30 seconds.


Before you start recording,

Make sure you wear proper attire and fully ready for recording.

Be casual but classy.

5. LinkedIn

Existed since 2003,

LinkedIn was founded in America with business and employment oriented services.

LinkedIn is famous for its professional networking and able to be reach via website as well as mobile application It helps people to find the best place to work and vice versa.

From 2018, LinkedIn has grown to have 10, 000 employees from just 300 in 2008 and up until June 2019,

LinkedIn has 630 million registered members from 200 countries.

It is important to have your LinkedIn profile updated and complete.

Do not skip a thing when filling in the form including picture,

summary as well as your past experience or volunteer jobs even if you are changing fields.

Most Human Resource of a company use LinkedIn to recruit.

When they are hiring, they will go through your LinkedIn profile to know you better.

Not having an account may make them question on your tech savvy expertise.

Another benefit of using LinkedIn is you may have your peers to write recommendations on your skill and expertise.

Having recommendations is good as it will strengthen your claim.

As a return,

you can do the same favor too.

However, you cannot expect your profile to be function immediately.

It does not work that way on LinkedIn. It may take some times for the profile to become helpful especially in finding jobs after a profile is created.

Unless you want to invest some money, the result will show otherwise.

Finding job is now easier via internet.

Some do not even have to go through hassle of physical interview as everything could be made online.

All you need is your internet access as well as your creativity in winning targeted company’s heart.

Always remember to update your resume and make it as interesting as possible as it will be acted as a representative for your first impression.

Put everything you need to tell your employer in your resume but remember, make it simple!

No one in the Human Resource department have time to read lengthy paragraph.

Good luck!




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