How to Renew Passport in Johor Bahru (Step-by-Step)

18. Nov 2020
How to Renew Passport in Johor Bahru (Step-by-Step)

Renewing passport is one of the must-have-item in the checklist before you start packing. 

Since 2015,

Malaysia has reduced its renewal passport fee to RM200 (save RM100) for the period of five years.

For senior citizens, children below 12, Haj pilgrims and students below 21,

The renewal passport fess is only RM100 for the same period of time.

The renewal fee is exempted for the disabled.

Renewing passport in Malaysia is not only restricted to be done at immigration office,

But now you can also renew your passport at the immigration counter in Urban Transformation Centre (UTC).

This is one of the government strategies to reduce the traffic as it can get cramped during peak hour.


Where to renew your passport in Johor Bahru?

In Johor Bahru,

You can choose to either renew your passport at Johor Bahru Immigration Office or UTC Johor.

You may choose which ever location that you may think convenience in your case.

Johor Bahru Immigration office is located at:

Block 1, Kompleks Kementerian Dalam Negeri, Taman Setia Tropika, Kempas 81200, Johor Bahru, Johor.

Its operation hour is from Sunday to Wednesday from 8 am to 5 pm (breaks on 1pm to 2 pm)

While on Thursday it operates from 8 am to 3.30 pm.

If you wish to renew your passport during weekend or any day past office hour,

You may do so at UTC Johor Bahru as it opens daily from 1pm to 10pm except for Friday and Saturday where it opens from 8am to 5pm.

UTC Johor Bahru is located at:

Bangunan UTC Johor, Galleria @ Kotaraya, Jalan Trus, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor

What to bring for passport renewal?

Before you ask for your number at the immigration,

Please ensure you bring all the documents needed for renewal.

You don’t have to worry much as the list of documents needed is as simple as follows:

1. Identity card (I/C)

2. Current passport

3. Cash/credit card/post money or crossed bank draft


If you are renewing your passport before its expiry date,

The remaining passport period would be carried forward (maximum 6 months) under conditions;

1. Not in the case of passport lost, damaged or stolen

2. Not in the case under investigation

In a special case like a passport is reported lost or damaged, the documents needed for renewal would need some extra works. Here is the list of documents that need to be passed to the immigration officer at the counter:

1. Police report for passport lost

2. Identification card/MyKad/MyKid

3. Birth Certificate. For applicant under the age of 18, they would need to present Parent’s identification card

4. Lost passport questionnaire. The questionnaire is available for download at

5. Copy of lost passport (if any)

6. Marriage or divorced certificate for applicant under 18 years old

7. Employment confirmation letter for those who works abroad

8. Offer letter to study abroad

9. Emergency Certificate with report from Entry Point Immigration Office

10. Status verification for permanent residence of third country

11. Report from Fire and Rescue Department for any passport loss in fire

12. Report from Municipal Council for any passport loss caused in flood


The issuance of new passport caused by lost or damaged is subjected to the approval from Director General.

Once an application is submitted,

Immigration will notify the result within 5 working days.

So cross your finger and pray that your passport would pass the obstacles.


How to renew your passport?

Be as early as you can!

As the immigration counter would always get cramped,

Do come early or you might fill your day waiting endlessly.

You may see people start to queue even before the counter is open.

At the first counter.... 

Immigration officer will check your identity card as well as your passport before giving you out the queue number.

To cut the time,

Ensure that you already have both documents in your hand before your turn.

It is really bugging to see someone is taking their own sweet time finding their documents in front of the counter while tenth of other people are anxiously waiting at the back, right?

So, don’t be one.

Once the office thinks your documents are valid,

He will give you the queue number.

Wait until your number is called.

You may sit as it may take a while but remember to always be a human citizen and priorities the one in need such as the disabled, old man and pregnant lady.

Immigration office is the right place to practice a kindness since you do not want to bring a bad example later when you visit other country.

After your number is called,

You may need to pass all the documents over the counter.

 At each counter,

A camera is prepared to take your photo instantly.


Remember to wear dark colour to compliment the background.

Failed to do so might end you up wearing black coat or shawl to cover your shoulder.

Next is another waiting phase.

Keep your number as it will call for the same number and this time it is for payment.

Once you paid for your passport,

you will be told on how long it will take to prepare your passport.

Usually it will take about to 2 hours so it is the right time for you to have your meal or a cup of coffee.

When you are back after the said period,

You may check at the counter if your passport is ready.

If it is still not, you may wait for a moment.

Instead of calling your number, the officer will call your name instead.

The officer would not allow any representative to pick up your passport as it is an important document therefore you need to present yourself at the counter.

Once your passport is ready,

You will need to sign received and they will hand you your brand renewed passport and you are now can prepare for the next step, flying!


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Renew your passport online

If you are thinking renewing passport could be a lot of hassle,

Malaysian immigration has good news for you as now you can renew your passport online.

 Renewing your passport online means you may pay online via credit card or direct debit facilities (FPX).


The conditions

Of course when it comes to renewing passport, online or offline, there are some conditions that you must meet before you are allowed to proceed.

1. You must be 13 years old and above and has been issued with an e-passport, a passport that has chip built in before. If you are under 18, only approved guidance from previous application can apply for your renewal. You are also need to be accompanied by your guidance upon collection. Birth certificate of the applicant and the guidance need to be presented.

2. You must fill in valid information when asked. Your application will be rejected if there is any invalid information given and there is a chance that you will be charged.

3. Only applicant is allowed to do the collection. A representative is strictly prohibited. Applicant needs to bring the old passport, identity card and payment receipt upon collection. Failed to bring these documents will not allow you to collect your passport.

4. Your old passport should be in good condition.

5. You are not allowed to renew your passport online if your previous passport is reported loss or stolen. In case of stolen or loss, you will need to renew your passport manually at the counter.

6. You are not allowed to renew your passport online if you have done any misconduct while away from Malaysia.


Steps to apply for online passport renewal

1. You may kindly go to and read all the terms and conditions given. If you think you may pass all the criteria needed, you may click ‘AGREE’ button at the bottom of the page.

2. On the next page, you may key in particular for the system to track your old passport.

3. Next step is to fill in all the information needed. Remember, do not fill in with wrong information or instead of having a nice holiday, you may fill your days crying in jail. Always be honest with your information. Once you satisfied with all the information given, you may click ‘UPDATE’. The website then will notify you that your application has been submitted and received.

4. You may need to upload your image on the next step. Image should be in soft copy that can be requested at the photo shop and you must crop according to the size required. No Polaroid is allowed.

5. Your image should have only white background without any design. You must wear dark clothe and should cover your shoulder. If you are wearing hijab, choose dark colour and do not cover your face.

6. The website will then bring you to the next step which is the payment method. Here you may choose you payment method

7. Once your payment is done, you will need to print two payment receipts. One is for your own keep; the rest needs to be brought upon passport collection.

8. You will be told the date and time for the collection. Follow the instruction accordingly and do not forget to bring along your receipt. It usually takes one working day to prepare the new passport but it depends on any situation. As for the collection place, applicant may choose the collection place based on the list given in the system while the system will set the date and time.

9. You may check your status of application by clicking or contact 03-8000 8000 should you have any query.


As technology expands,

You now can choose to renew your passport online or offline based on your preference.

Not only that, with the existence of UTC, more immigration counter added allowed you to make more choice to avoid adding the crowd.

Once your passport is ready,

You now can happily go home and prepare the next step before begin your journey.



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