19 Local College in Johor Bahru You Should Know Before You Study

18. Nov 2020
19 Local College in Johor Bahru You Should Know Before You Study

If you're reading this article, I'd like to think that you like to stray away from the norm (in a good and exciting way, of course!) There are over 100 universities and colleges in Malaysia and let's face it, a lot of them are located in KL and Selangor so it becomes a trend to go to KL or Selangor for university. Of course there are the cool kids who go all over Malaysia for university (like you, maybe?) and have an exciting and fulfilling university life that would have been different if they'd gone to universities in KL and Selangor. So this article is for the cool kids like you who are looking for something different and exciting for their further studies, which is why we're gonna be looking at universities in Johor for a change.

So what's so special about going to university in Johor? If being in the only state in Malaysia that's the closest to Singapore doesn't interest you, don't you fret, Johor is home to many attractions. Let's not forget the islands and the mountains, which have great potential to complete your university life filled with exciting adventures alongside course mates and uni friends! Meanwhile, if you're a city child and thinking if going to university in Johor can give you the exciting city life that you're so used to, fret not, because even if the city of Johor doesn't excite you enough, Singapore is just across the border with all its exciting amenities and facilities! So now that we've covered why it's so absolutely awesome to go to university in Johor, let's take a look at your options!

1. TAR UC Johor campus

If you're from a Chinese-educated background or even a Chinese-orientated community, you might be more than familiar with TAR university and colleges. Now then, there are two kinds of TAR institutions of different entities out here in Malaysia - UTAR and TAR UC. While UTAR only has campuses in Perak and Selangor, TAR UC has campuses in more locations, including Johor. Aside from the flagship courses like Accounting and Business Administration, TAR UC in Johor also offers courses in information technology, engineering and the like.

2. Universiti Tun Hussien Onn

If you're familiar with Malaysian politics and history, you'll know that Tun Hussien Onn was Malaysia's third prime minister. It seems to be a trend to have prime minister names for university names, maybe it's the feeling of prestige and quality and of course the sound of being ultimately Malaysian. But I've drifted off topic there so back to this university that's named after our third prime minister, Universiti Tun Hussien Onn is located in Pagoh, just 20 minutes off the royal town of Muar. Anyway this uni offers courses in Applied sciences and engineering for you science stream lovers. It is a four star rated institution by QS Stars Rating system, meaning it’s a well-established institution with quality education!

3. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)

UTM can be considered as one of the top Malaysian Public universities in Malaysia, so it's not always easy to get in, but that shouldn't stop you from applying to this well facilitated institution. Besides that, UTM also scored the highest in Malaysia in the 2020world university rankings by subject in the field of education, Business & Economics, and Arts & Humanities. So aside from studying at a great campus, you'll also get a quality education. UTM offers a wide range of programmes. Being a Technology University, it’s got the best engineering and science programmes as well as programmes in the built environment, informative technology and of course, business. UTM is also well equipped with the facilities you’ll need and use for the course of your programme so you’re in for a wholesome tertiary education if you get in!

4. Multimedia University (MMU)

Most of everyone knows MMU. They’ve had many radio advertisements with a powerful slogan “Be Who You Want To Be”, which is what many university seekers are looking for a place to be themselves. Think about it, you’ve spent all your (short) life studying for exams like SPM, STPM, PT3 and the like, university would be the one place for you to explore what and who you want to be. At MMU, their motto is just that. Now then, MMU has got programmes in of course, multimedia, but that’s not all, in their Melaka and Cyberjaya campuses, they also offer engineering programmes. But let’s rally back to the MMU campus in Johor, this one offers courses in Cinematic Arts, so aspiring directors, artists, producers, scriptwriters, or anyone aspiring to venture into the film industry, this would be a great place to start.


Don’t be confused with UTAR or TAR UC when you hear UNITAR. Also named after one of our past prime ministers, Tun Abdul Razak, UNITAR’s Johor campus offers courses in Early Childhood Education, Business Administration, Accounting and Hospitality Management.

6. Southern University College

If you're of Chinese descent from Johor or even if you are engaged in in a Chinese community in Johor, you, your friends or family might be familiar with this institution. It's goal is to provide school leavers with an opportunity to have an affordable yet quality education. Located in Skudai with a campus of 33 acres, you can expect a scenic spot, rich in Chinese traditional colours within a multicultural atmosphere. Southern UC provides courses in multiple fields, ranging from arts and design to business, engineering, social sciences, informative technology, Chinese medicine and so much more so it's really an ocean of attainable dreams at Southern UC. If you're feeling like there's nothing interests you but you can't exactly afford the course you're hoping for, don't worry, there are still a few more affordable universities and colleges in the list so you've still got plenty of chances! Don't give up!

7. Sunway College

If you're Malaysian, and I like to assume that we all are Malaysians here, you've probably heard of Sunway at least once. But if you're from Borneo then maybe not. Anyway, simply put, Sunway is this huge ring of companies that has its feet in many industries ranging from retail to recreation to medicine all the way to education. As with the Sunway institutions all across Malaysia, Sunway College Johor Bahru offers a range of quality education for school leavers from pre-u programmes up to undergraduatedegree programmes. For aspiring accountants looking to brand themselves with the name of Sunway (because it really is a household name now, most of everyone knows it), Sunway College JB offers professional accounting papers.

For the accounting obsessed individuals, Sunway College JB also offers courses in Business, hotel management, health care management, Information Technology, marketing and other business, finance and management orientated programmes.

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8. Asia Metropolitan University

Asia Metropolitan university, also known as AMU, has a 50,000 square-feet campus, providing a conducive and serene learning environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city. To be honest, you are going to want a little peace and quiet to reflect and absorb what you've learned in class or even just to disengage from the stress of university. Anyway, within close vicinity to public hospitals, it makes sense that the Johor Bahru campus offers a medical degree programme and courses related to healthcare where they can offer the best exposure and experience during the programme. So all of you aspiring doctors don't have to look too far for a medical degree, AMU'S Johor Bahru campus is also well facilitated with laboratories and a museum! Yes you read that right, a MUSEUM! An Anatomy Museum to be exact, where MBBS students can visit at any time to research, learn and understand.

9. East West International College

Also known as EWIC, East West International College provides quality education in a variety of courses ranging from Business management to Culinary Arts, hotel and tourism as well as information technology arts and accountancy. I wouldn't blame you if you haven't heard of this college because I didn't know about it until I had to find out about it! But if you were already looking at Culinary schools or institutions for hotel and tourism, you might have very well come across this college.

10. MSU College - Management Science University

Located along Jalan Tampoi, one of the main roads to the city of Johor, MSU College Johor Bahru offers quality certificate and diploma programmes for Johorians and Malaysians alike. Surrounded with various facilities, you can expect a successful academic and wholesome social life. MSU offers courses in Business Management, computer sciences, graphic design and tourism in their Johor campus.

11. Reliance College

So if you're thinking of working in travel or just enjoy going on tours in general, you might have heard of Reliance Travel. Now, a little backstory to the college- the training centre was set up in the early 1980's to train Tour Guides for Reliance Travel. With Malaysia having such a successful tourism market, as you should know if you're interested in this industry, the training centre formed into a college in 1987 and has since been producing field-ready graduates in the tourism and hospitality industry. The college offers courses in hospitality and tourism, for sure, and also in business, accounting, MassCommunications and event management. So if you've enrolled into a hospitality or tourism course at Reliance and want to change course, there are still options.

12. Goon International College

With a name like Goon, the dark evil side in me is tempted to make fun of it, but I shall be respectful and not do such an awful thing, like making fun of goons. Okay maybe that's too much. Back to business, Goon is actually the longest serving institution in Malaysia since the 40s, bringing n British alliances into our Malaysian Education industry. With over 70 years of experience educating Malaysian, you can't expect anything less than quality education. Goon offers an interesting range of courses, such as law enforcement, aircraft maintenance and technology, Business Studies and animal health production.

13. Suria College of Hospitality

Another Hospitality themed institution comes into our list of universities in Johor! Well, you can't exactly blame Malaysia for having so many Hospitality and tourism institutions with Malaysia also being a tourism driven economy. So it's quite ideal to have so many Hospitality institutions. Suria offers courses in Food Preparation and Production, pastry production, guest services operations, food and Beverage Service Operations as well as electrical installation and maintenance, all of which are vital in the running of a hotel.

14. Metropoint College

Located at the heart of Johor Bahru, Metropoint College is attached to City Square mall with easy access to public transport. Established in 1997, Metropoint offers quality education in information technology where you can sit for Microsoft or Java Certification without further training or tutoring, preparing you for a successful IT Career. Metropoint also offers courses in Business and tourism.

15. Cosmopoint College

Cosmopoint College is a group of 11 colleges across Malaysia. Since 2012, it has been owned by Ekuiti Nasional Berhad (EKUINAS), becoming a government affiliated college. 8 out of 11 colleges in this group are rated 5 stars by the Malaysia Quality Evaluation System (MyQuest). Cosmopoint offers courses in Business and accountancy technology as well as creative arts, health sciences and of course tourism and hospitality.

16. Olympia College Johor Bahru

Established in 1995, Olympia College provides quality education in business, Information Technology, Hospitality and English. If you're thinking, wow there's not much on Olympia, don't be. Olympia is part of Raffles Education Group, which pioneers quality education. Moreover, Olympia boasts a low student to teacher ratio, meaning your class will be tight knit and you can get to know your classmates better as well as getting a more attentive lecturer.17. KPJ International College Johor Bahr KPJ is a private hospital with multiple branches all across Malaysia.

Therefore, it would only be sensible that the KPJ International College offers courses in Nursing and Health Sciences. With only one faculty in the Institution, it is guaranteed that the teaching staff are focused and well prepared. KPJ offers fill accredited post basic nursing programs and also short courses for Healthcare Assistants. So if you've always wanted to be a doctor or work in the medical field but just don't have the grades for that, being a nurse or a healthcare professional is the next best thing!

18. Institut Pengurusan Malaysia - MIM (Malaysian Institute of Management)

Okay so this one is not your ordinary university or college, I'd like to say that it's more of a training centre. MIM is a membership based organisation working to achieve professional career aspirations through professional Certifications and education programmes. So this isn't exactly for school leavers. For those of you who are working and looking to upgrade your professional career, this would be a good place to start.

19. Institut Hospitaliti YPJ (www.kpypj.edu.my)

Another government affiliated university joins us with the goal of producing highly skilled quality graduates. There's really not much on this institution other than it provides quality Hospitality education. However, from my deductions, I'd say that it's a community college. Now then we've gone through the list, it's time for a little one on one time with the authors honest thoughts.

Most of every university will boast quality education but that really depends on how you absorb the education. University or college is a great place to condition and prepare yourself for the working world but don't be constrained by pressure to follow a timeline. Make sure you pick a course you won't hate but if you happen to pick one that you do, it's okay, either push through it or take up a new course.


Keep in mind that not everyone works in the field they had studied. Have fun in uni or college, but make sure to graduate! For Johorians looking for skill based institutions, here's a few more institutions which I'd like to think are community colleges.

1. Institut Citipro

2. Institut Informatics

Don't forget to live while you're alive! It's completely okay to fail and drop out and it's also definitely okay to graduate with flying colors or even with the dullest of colors.The authors take back is that you'd want to find out more about the course you intend to study, figure if it suits you or your goals if you have any. If you don't have a particular course you're interested in, maybe take a look at the institution, many times the environment of learning and socialising can greatly affect your interest in studies, so if you like the image of having study dates at McDonald's, maybe you'd want to go to an institution that's near to one or has one on campus.

In the end, you are the one taking the course and living your life, so make it worth your while! As mentioned before, Johor is home to many attractions where you can have plentiful adventures with your course mates and friends for a fulfilling university experience. Therefore, going to university in Johor is a great way to make awesome memories!


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