Top 6 Room Rental Website in Malaysia

18. Nov 2020
Top 6 Room Rental Website in Malaysia

New to the city?

Don’t know where to stay?

Stressed out?

Fret not!

This is a simple guide that goes through six of the best rental websites in Malaysia!

Here’s an idea of what you need to do, go to the website, search, click, make contact and voila!

You’ve got yourself a new home!

This article here will guide you on how to use these websites,

I’ve taken the time (and pleasure) of going through each website to figure out how to use it,

So you don’t have to fumble around all confused not knowing what to do or where to click.

If you’re not into reading all that much,

I have some takeaways right here so you can pick a website and then read the guide for that website!

  • for rent / rooms only / search and make contact
  • for rent and sale / rooms, homes / search and make contact (if contact unavailable, create account and chat through speedhome)
  • for rent and sale / rooms, homes, offices etc / summary of location and residence/ search and make contact
  • for rent and sale / rooms, homes, offices etc / search and make contact (if contact unavailable, create account and chat through mudah chat)
  • for rent / rooms only / travel tips and blog / make account and then search / search by map or residence / schedule viewing or make payment to rent through hostelhunting / wait for contact
  • for rent / rooms, homes / moving tips and blog / search and make contact


STRICTLY ROOMS ONLY! For students and working adults!

If you’re planning to move your grandma, grandpa, sister, dog, brother, niece, nephew, cucu cicit apa ka etc...

You might want to skip this website.


The first thing you’re gonna do on their website is select the type of rental you’re looking for:

long term (more than 6 months) or short term (about 3 months)?

Then, you’re gonna put in a location: where are you gonna stay?


The website will list a number of rooms available with prices, location, tenant preferences and types of facilities provided.

You can have it sorted based on publish date (latest posts), views or prices (low to high).

Find something you like?



Click view and you will be directed to a page with all the room details.

Normally, there will be pictures (of the rooms or amenities), rental rates, description of the rental (so you know what you’re gonna be paying for!), the location and of course, the person to contact.

Now then, has completed its service, now it’s your turn.

Find a place you like?

Give the person a call. (ibilik (and me too) advises to visit the room you intend to stay before making any payments or signing any agreements)

Go visit the room,

Have a feel of the place.

Like it? Rent it!


Now then,

This one is a site for everybody.

You can rent a whole apartment, a house, a room, whatever floats your boat.

When you get on speedhome, you might want to create an account.

But in case you don’t find a place you like, you don’t have to do that yet.


First thing’s first, the basics: put in where you’re looking for.

(I’m assuming everyone here is renting, if you’re looking to buy, it’ll be a different story)

What’s neat is that you can start filtering before the search: what’s your budget, are you looking for landed or high rise, you want the place fully furnished (with furniture and appliances etc) or partially furnished (maybe some built in furniture).

Now then,

If you’re looking to rent an entire unit, you can also filter in how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want.

I would advise against having too many filters (too kacau lah! No results found!)


You’ll be led to a list of units with prices, some of the units’ information, distance from the area you were searching for.

You can also have it sorted based on prices, relevance or distance.


See something you fancy?

Click on it!

You’ll be directed to the page with all its details.

Now then....

Here is where creating an account with speedhome would be beneficial.

Some (or even most) of the renters here don’t leave their phone numbers floating around so you’re gonna need to chat up the owners on Speedhomes’ very own chat system.

Once you’re in contact with the owners, you’re good to go!

Make appointments to visit the unit and if it’s your cup of tea, you’ve got a home!

More Available Room Here: Rent a Room in Malaysia

3. is a little bit different from the other websites listed here.

It’s very thorough and has a lot (and I mean like, A LOT) of information,

So it might be overwhelming and tough to process if you don’t know how to navigate through it.

If you’re moving to a completely new city or a new state, or if you’re not from Malaysia,

This would be the best place to do your research and also to find your new home.

Let’s start from the big picture,

Let’s say a state,

Let’s say Sarawak (because it’s the largest state).


You get to select if you want to see a summary,

What’s for sale, for rent or for auction.

I’d say, if you’re new to the town, select summary.

It’s gonna give you (well, obviously) a summary of the state, some history, some information etc.

You’re gonna wanna click on the blue words now, because that means it’s a link.

The link will lead you to more information- top cities, pictures, top properties etc.

It even has a table of latest rent listings (with rental prices!)


Once you’re done with research,

You’re ready to find rent!

There’s two ways to do this on this website (from the summary page, and from the homepage) and you’ll end up with the same results.

So if you’re already on the page with the summary of the state or city etc, you can click “for rent”

You can start filtering, choose a category, a sub category, unit layout, rental price range etc.

The same goes if you start from the homepage.

Once something catches your eye,

Click on it and you’ll get to see more information about it, some description and usually, a phone number to contact.

The neat bit for this website is you can still study up on what you’re going for with “Learn more about….”

And that page is gonna show you the market rental, the latest listings, maybe some neighborhood information etc.

It’s a lot to take in, isn’t it?

Yeah, it’s got A LOT of info.

So if you’re relocating, nervous about a new city, this site will settle that anxiety.

It’s like an encyclopedia for property.



That’s what it means, and that’s what it is.

On, everything is easy.

It’s a huge marketplace for various categories.

You can find jobs (yes, jobs), electronics, pets, etc. You can call it an online flea market.

Anyway, that’s beside the point.

You’re here to rent, so let’s get back to that. (See how mudah it is to get side- tracked too?)


So before your eyes start to wander, find “properties” and immediately click it!

You’ll be led to mudah property,

There’ll be a pop up where you can select a state.

Now then, if you click search without identifying what kind of properties you’re looking for,

You’ll end up with a lot of properties for sale.

So what you’ll want to do is select properties > properties for rent.

There’s a lot of categories in there so don’t get distracted! Now,

Depending on the type of home you’re looking for,

You can choose houses, apartments or just have it list all properties for rent.

Similar to the other websites, just put in your filters- price range, layout etc.... 

Then a list of properties available will show up.

When you spot something you like, click on it and it’ll lead you to a page with the rooms’ information.

Some owners will have their phone numbers displayed and some will require you to set up an account with mudah to chat with them or get their contact.

Mudah has got some of the BEST deals in town so if a deal sounds too good to be true, you might want to do a double take and check it out.

Always check out the room before you decide to rent!

5. (Previously was

As the name of the website implies,

It’s a hunt for hostels! Similar to, Livein is catered for university students.

On the homepage you’ll see various articles, so let’s not get distracted and get to renting!

Click “Find Rooms For Rent”!

You’ll be directed to a form where you’ll have to (literally) sign up.

Put in where, when you’d like to move in, for how long and your budget.

Once you’ll filled everything, you’re basically all signed up to use Livein!

They’ll take you to another page with pretty pictures of hostel living, you’re gonna want to focus now.

Scroll down,

And you’ll get to “Popular HH+ Residences”.

Go through it until you find a residence that you like. (Can’t seem to find one?

That’s okay,

Just click on a residence that is similar to the area you’re looking for, and the next tip will help you locate your perfect hostel).

The same routine applies,

Click it and you’ll be directed to a list of rooms and prices.

The neat bits here are the filters (because there’s just so many) and “Search with Map”.

So it functions like a LOT of hotel booking websites.

Now then,

Were you able to someplace suitable in the earlier part?

If you didn’t, here’s where you can (cross your fingers) find something!

Zoom out on the map and find the location you’re looking for and search that area with “click to search this area”.

Now then,

If you’ve selected a room, you’ll be taken to a page with all (and I mean ALL) the room information (literally like airbnb).

Anyway, there’ll be a breakdown of what you’ll need to pay for the first time (again, like airbnb, did I mention that the interface also looks like


Since (again) Livein functions like airbnb, you’re gonna make payments through Livein (yep, so it’s all safe and legit)

You can arrange viewing, make enquiries or even book (don’t worry, it’s 100% refundable within 24 hours)

So to schedule a viewing, you’ll have to put in 3 dates of choice and your contact details to arrange an appointment. (Viewing is free by the way, so feel free to view as many places as you want!)


When you’re done and ready to rent, you can make your booking and payment through Livein! 

Once you’re done,

A representative of the website (or the owner) will get in touch with you to confirm your booking.

(You’re not allowed to make bookings for other people,

So if your brother, sister, son, daughter, cousin etc is looking to book, make sure they do it themselves, with your help, of course!)

A little footnote, if you’re feeling overwhelmed not

knowing what you’re looking for,

Livein is always ready to help, make sure to keep an eye on the bottom right corner,

There’s a chatbox and if someone is online (and someone usually is),

They’ll be ready to help!

By the way (this is a personal experience), when you sign up for Livein (in the beginning, because you will need to) and if you didn’t manage to find anything you like,

You might receive a call from Livein within a few hours to ask you where and what kind of rooms you’re looking for within your budget, then they will process it and try to find something that suits you.

What's More: Steps Of Renting a Room in Johor Bahru


Similar to ibilik and Livein, this website caters single renters.

However, if you’re planning to rent with a friend, spouse, etc, you can always contact the owners and arrange for it.


back to, the homepage is simple and it’s already listed some popular cities for you.

If the city you’re looking for is there, click on it! If not, simply click on “Malaysia” (I’m assuming you’re here to rent homes in Malaysia instead of Singapore, but if you do intend to find rent for Singapore, why not? It all works the same way)

On the listings you can filter out your options,

Meanwhile, if the location you’re looking for still isn’t listed, you can start searching in the search bar.

(By the way, the filter doesn’t reset if you start searching a new location, so search away!)

So when you finally find some place that attracts you, make sure to click on it and read up!

Contact details of the owner or agent are always available.

All listings are created by individual users,

So always make sure to check and view the room ( advises to verify property ownership and speak directly with the landlord) before making any kind of payments!


What a journey! How are you feeling?


Don’t be!

Now you’re fool-proof and rent ready to start your hunt!

Make sure to always (and I mean ALWAYS) view and check the room, and make DIRECT CONTACT to the owner or the rental agent BEFORE making any payments or signing any agreements.

Anyway, I hope you’ll find the home you’re looking for and good luck wherever you go!



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