9 Cafes and Restaurant in Senibong Cove You Must Visit

18. Nov 2020
9 Cafes and Restaurant in Senibong Cove You Must Visit

Usually when we talk about interesting spot in Johor Bahru,

The top picks that always come will be Legoland, Hello Kitty Town, Danga Bay and so on.


Located at the heart of Iskandar Malaysia, lies a secret and less-known recreational spot called Senibong Cove.

It is a well-developed water front that promises you top-notch facilities for sailing, fishing, canoeing and other water sports activities for your adventure.

Only 10 minutes’ drive from JB Central, Senibong Cove not only offers you beautiful sight but also luxury architectural that is ‘instagram-able’ for the youngster to boast around on their social media. 

As it is by the Tebrau Straits,

The strategic location manages to catch the interest from the local as well as Singaporean that is just across the straits.

For it has a lot of activities that can be done here,

Tourists can choose to come for a day or stay at the hotels around the place.

Of course, what is a great spot without great places to eat?

Apart from its beautiful view and excellent facilities,

You should never undermine its dining places.

As the place is now gaining interest of the tourist,

More great eateries are mushrooming along with the well-known existing restaurant.

To help you pick....

Here we are compiling top 9 café and restaurants that you must visit once you are in Senibong Cove.

1. Delicious 8 Seafood Restaurant

Senibong is famous for its fresh seafood as it is located by the Tebrau Straits.It would be best if you could devour it by the water front accompanied by the gentle sea breeze.

Worry not! Delicious 8 Seafood Restaurant has all it takes.

This restaurant is the first container restaurant that ever existed in Senibong Cove.

It offers you luxury seafood dining experience with sea view,

What a great place to have a romantic dinner.

Great news for the Boston Lobster lover,

Rumour has it this restaurant serves the freshest yet the cheapest Boston Lobster in Senibong Cove.


For those first timer but interested to try,

We are suggesting you to order steamed Boston Lobster with minced garlic along with rice vermicelli.

It is one of its specialties here in this restaurant.

The rice vermicelli will absorb the sweet taste of the lobster so you could feel it in your bite.

On top of that.... 

It will also add additional taste to compliment your lobster.

It is guaranteed a taste you won’t regret.

Address :

9, Persiaran Senibong, 81750 Masai Johor

Contact :

07- 382 3939

Operation hours : 11am- 11pm daily


2. Asahikawa Izakaya

When you are craving for seafood but your partner wants some Japanese barbecue instead,

Meeting the eyes sounds impossible.

But all is possible in Asahikawa Izakaya.

This all in one restaurant provides you barbecue, beer and seafood all in one table accompanied by the sea breeze would be perfect spot to have a long chit chat.

One of the must-have foods in this restaurant would be the Grilled River Prawn with Cheese set.

The natural juicy and sweet taste of the fresh River prawn that topped with mozzarella cheese would take you to the cloud nine after a bite.

If you think this could not fill in your stomach,

Do not afraid as the set comes along with Japanese fragrance rice to keep you full all day and night.

The cuisine also comes in a healthy portion where it sided with salad, pickle, vegetables, fruits and miso soup.

Make sure you empty your stomach before begin your order.

Address :

Persiaran Senibong, 81750 Masai, Johor

Operation hours :

11.30am – 12.00am daily

Contact : 07- 382 3777


3. Selera Senibong Seafood

If you want to have more moderate ambience but still relaxing and by the beach,

Selera Senibong Seafood is perfect for you.

This is one of the most famous Malay seafood restaurants in Senibong.

You may choose and pick the fresh seafood yourself according to your likes and number of pax.

You then may ask the cook to cook the seafood into your liking based on the list of the menu given.

One of the unique dishes offers in this restaurant is the fresh Strabismus Snails.

It is usually cooked in Malays style and topped with coriander and onion rings.

As Malay dishes is famous with its spicy taste,

This one is also an exception.

The juicy and fresh taste from Strabismus snails combines with the thick and spicy gravy makes a perfect combo.

There is a special way to devour Strabismus Snails where you need to spear the flesh out of the shell by using toothpick then dip it in the sauce and land it in your mouth.

You may feel the chewy texture slowly melts in your mouth and it is best serve while it is still warm.


4. 6 Corner Senibong Seafood Restaurant

Not far from Selera Senibong Seafood is another Malay seafood restaurant that is located in the same area of Senibong Seafood Village.

This restaurant also offers fresh seafood and cooked freshly upon order.

If the previous restaurant champions in cooking snails,

6 Corner Senibong Seafood is an expert in cooking fish.

If you ever step your foot here, do not forget to order Ikan Tiga Rasa as it is a recommended dish here.

You may choose your favourite fish for the dish but it is highly recommended having it with Sea Bass (Siakap) or Grouper (Kerapu) as both species does not have much bones.

The fish will be deep-fried before it will be poured with Tiga Rasa gravy.

Tiga rasa is gravy that combines Thai chilli sauce that have sweet and spicy taste and usually complimented with diced pineapples and onions to add the flavours.

Ikan Tiga Rasa is best serve with hot rice and if you would like some side dishes,

You may ask for fried egg, tomyam soup or black pepper crabs.

This combinations sure will make you come again.

Address :

6, Kampung Senibong, Permas Jaya, 81750 Johor Bahru

Operation hours :

3pm -12 am

Contact : 013-767 0379


5. Yew’s Café & Bistro

You can always opt for western cuisine at Yew’s Café & Bistro if you are allergic or not a fan of seafood. Operating since 2004 in Taman Perling,

Yew’s Café & Bistro expands its wing with its second branch in Senibong Cove.

This restaurant is famous for its western cuisine that offers variety of mouth-watering dishes such as burgers, sandwiches, salads, steaks, salmons and lots more.

One of the must try dish here is grilled chicken chop.

This dish promise you the juicy and tender taste of grilled chicken chop that comes with complimentary salad.

What makes this dish unique is its special longan brown sauce that can hardly be gotten at other eateries.

Though it makes a weird combination,

The sweet and savoury taste will stay in your mouth and mind forever.

Address :

Senibong Cove Marina Sales Gallery, 81750 Johor Bahru, Johor

Operation hours :

9.00 am – 10.00 pm daily

Contact : 012-714 8768

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6. Malam Indah Selalu

As we believe people have different taste,

Another cuisine you can have in Senibong Cove is the famous Nasi Lemak.

You are not Malaysian enough not to love nasi lemak.

The combination of the fatty taste in the rice comes from the coconut milk, complimented with spicy sambal and have it with the company of cool sea breeze and the view of Singapore,

Your evening would be perfect.

This chalet-styled restaurant nasi lemak is served with sunny side up and fried anchovies.

You may choose side dishes to compliment the nasi lemak.

The choices vary from chicken rending, fish curry, sambal kerang and others.

All are guaranteed to be appetizing and mouth-watering.


Jalan Permas 14/3, Taman Permas Jaya, 81750 Masai, Johor

Operation hours:

5 pm – 1 am (Closed on Wednesday)

Contact: 013 773 3523


7. Vanilla Bean – Coffee X Patisserie

If you just want to chill and relax,

Sipping your coffee and have your desserts,

Take a col picture and post it in your social media,

You are always welcome to visit Vanilla Bean – Coffee X Patisserie.

Do not afraid to the saying on how cakes and desserts would add some numbers to your weight because here in Vanilla Bean,

Customers are served with fresh, natural ingredients and organic-based cake.

This café is located at the shop lot at the underground level of Water Edge apartment.


You might need to inform the security guard for entry permission.

Though it might sound hassle,

But do not worry as the guards are aware of your ‘crave’ as many other foodies came to Vanilla Bean before for their famous desserts.

Upon arriving, you may see the café’s simple,

Not so big yet comfortable interior.

It is completed with modern dim light to give you the mood.

The café has an open kitchen style for you to enjoy watching the barista and patisserie preparing your order.

If you are on your first time trip here,

It is suggested for you to order their signature carrot cake.

It is one of their healthy cakes that come with low sugar and high fibre.

Each of your bite will accompany with the rich carrot-based flavour and once at a time your will have a chewy taste from the raisins.

The cake is decorated with some toasted sunflower seeds, almond and crushed walnuts to add crispy texture and compliment the taste.

Address :

Block B, Water Edge Apartment, No. 2, Persiaran Senibong, Johor Bahru

Operation hours:

Thursday to Monday : 9 am – 9 pm

Wednesday : 1am – 7pm

Contact : 07 – 382 3385


8. Bora Bora Botanist

For you who are looking for a superb interior café with superb food,

You may visit Bora Bora Botanist.

The restaurant’s floral interior concept will give you some fresh mood especially when it comes with amazing sea view and decorated lights.

This restaurant serves Western-Asian fusion menus such as pizza, pasta and seafood because what is Senibong Cove without seafood, right?

The seafood platter in this restaurant is a must-try.

It is all in one plate with large Boston lobster, clamps, shrimps, oyster and many more enough to fill in your crave as one platter is enough for 6 pax!

The set comes with three choices of sauce for you to dip in and the amazing taste will make you want to come back next day.

Address : 

Unit No.1, Block B, Senibong Cove, Johor Bahru 81750

Opening Hours : 

Mon – Thurs: 11AM – 11PM | Fri – Sun: 11AM – 12AM

Telephone : +60 07-386 3338

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9. Harvest Bar & Grill

Sick of Malay and Western cuisine and want to try something new?

How about Germans?


In Senibong Cove you can have German cuisine too! Start your engine and waze Harvest Bar & Grill now.

This restaurant has a nice dining ambience by the bay.

Their great atmosphere and interior suitable for all including family and couple.

It is an open air concept with wooden chair and red-brick wall to give some vintage mood.

The food?

This restaurant promises the freshest ingredients on their food.

One of the must try here is the mashed potato with bacon.

The juicy and crispy fried bacon will surely make your mouth watering even before you taste it.

The mashed potato is well seasoned and completed with thick gravy to give you an absolute taste.

This is surely can beat the one you always have in the fast food chain!


Persiaran Senibong, 81750 Masai, Johor, Malaysia

Operating hours: 

Open daily from 4pm-1am

Tel: +60 16-763 8582



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