Ulu Choh

13. Apr 2022
Ulu Choh

Ulu Choh is an outside area in Iskandar Puteri, Kulai District, Johor, Malaysia. Ulu Choh is located near the border of Pontian district and is situated on the Skudai-Pontian Highway (Federal route ).

Over 50 years ago until 1974, the Ulu Choh forest was a secluded area. The government then encouraged people in the surrounding areas to work in rubber plantations and vegetables farms.

Singapore, in particular, requires water supply from Johor due to a past incident. In response to that, PUB Singapore opened branches in Ulu Choh to produce their own water supplies. The population in this area increased and caused the formation of a small village.

Kampung Ulu Choh was formed in 1951 and in early 1953, Mile 22 was declared a local council Ulu Choh. The government then appointed class E citizens as councilors. The Chairperson of the local council is first Kok Yin types of Khian, followed by Kim Hee Kok

The first Local Council Elections Ulu Choh in 1959 had a turnout of 86.7%

When we first opened our doors to the public in 2014, there already were several industrial locations in Ulu Choh. Referred to as Ulu Choh Industrial Park

A bikers' playground has been created since 2013. It is known as Ulu Choh Dirt Park, and has now become popular as it was designed by bikers and can be enjoyed by every level of riders - from noobs to just plain insane.


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