Simpang Renggam

12. Apr 2022
Simpang Renggam

The name Simpang Renggam is derived from the Malay word "Simpang", which means "crossroads". It is said that the town got its name because there was a crossroads in the town that led in three different directions.

The town of Simpang Renggam is located on the border with Singapore and has become one of the most important towns in Kluang District.

In 1884, an Englishman named Mr. A.F.A.H Saunders, who was a pioneer in rubber cultivation and trade in Malaysia, established a rubber factory at Simpang Renggam to produce latex for export to England and India (now known as Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia). The rubber factory was one of the first industries established by Europeans in Johor.

The town itself has a population of approximately 20,000 people and it has an interesting mix of cultures and religions. There are Chinese, Malay, and Indian communities living in Simpang Renggam. 

The most dominant religion in this town is Islam with the majority being Sunni Muslims followed by the minority Hindus who are mainly Tamil Indians.


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