13. Apr 2022

The book Hikayat Abdullah written by Abdullah bin Abdul Kadir tells the story of a group of people who set out to find and attack the Portuguese in Malacca. 

The story is based on the historical event that took place in 1511.

There are many places mentioned in Hikayat Abdullah, but Pengerang is one of the most important ones. In one part of the story, Hikayat Abdullah mentions that a group of people from Johor led by Raja Abu Bakar landed at Pengerang and started attacking Malacca.



The economy in Pengerang is largely based on the oil and gas industry.


Pengerang has been an established town for the Malaysian oil and gas industry since the 1960s.

It was also one of the first towns to be developed by Malaysia's national oil company, Petronas. This can be seen from how most of the infrastructure development in Pengerang was carried out by Petronas.

Pengerang is home to some of Malaysia's largest refineries, which have been operational since 1974 with a total capacity of 2 million barrels per day (BPD). These refineries make up about half of Malaysia’s refining capacity, which means that they are crucial to Malaysia




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