12. Apr 2022

Paloh is a mukim in Kluang District, Johor, Malaysia. Paloh is situated in the southwestern part of the district and borders Kluang town to the north.

Paloh was once a small village but has now grown into a housing estate with many residential areas. It is a popular destination for those looking for affordable housing in Johor Bahru or just as an alternative to high-cost living in Singapore.

The population of Paloh as of 2010 was estimated at 12,000 people and it is expected to grow by 2020.


Listing Of Taman In Paloh

  1. Taman Sri Kota Paloh
  2. Taman Wijaya
  3. Taman Paloh
  4. Taman Melati
  5. Taman Murni
  6. Kampung Muhibbah
  7. Kampung India
  8. Taman Kiara
  9. Taman Seri Palma
  10. Kampung Merdeka
  11. Taman Indah



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