13. Apr 2022

Mersing is a small town with a population of about 70,000. It can be found in the Malaysian state of Johor and was once the capital of Mersing District in 2005.

Mersing is often overlooked in favour of other towns in Johor. However, it's significant for a number of reasons: it has a smaller population than Kota Tinggi and it lies east-bound from the many urban districts in Johor, It's on the main trunk road that connects southern as well as eastern Johor with the east coast of Pahang state.

It includes stations for the Federal Route, and it's also a departure point for ferries to nearby offshore islands.

From Mersing, tourists can visit nearby beaches. These beaches are easily accessible from Mersing town and compare well with those on the islands nearby.

Other attractions near to Mersing are Endau, a major fishing port in Johor about 20 miles from town, and Penyabong which is a beautiful resort village by the sea overlooking an estuary.

While the Endau Rompin National Park in the north is undoubtedly a tourist attraction, I prefer to head south for my vacations.


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