Reason Why Live In Nusajaya If You Work In Singapore

18. Nov 2020
Reason Why Live In Nusajaya If You Work In Singapore

Living in Nusajaya, Working at Singapore

Both Johor and Singapore are spectacular places to be living in.

Let alone work at.

If you are a Malaysian who wanting to work at Singapore but think the living costs there are too high (considering Malaysia’s currency is worth three times less than Singapore’s, yikes!)

You could always opt for a nearby location!

For example,

Johor is the place for you.

Keep in mind that a border separates these two places.

If you’re an immigrant (not a Singaporean), you will need to make your way through immigration.

Like any other immigration places,

You will need a passport.

This could be quite a cumbersome activity to be going through if you are staying at someplace other than Singapore but working there,

Epecially if it’s every single day.

But as long as you have the patience,

You’ll certainly make it (don’t let yourself blow up!).

Living in Nusajaya, Johor

Nusajaya pinpointed at the ‘B’ letter


let’s talk about Nusajaya.

Nusajaya (or its new name, Iskandar Puteri), is located in Johor, Malaysia.

It is at the southern end of Malaysian Peninsula, and the southernmost city in Peninsular Malaysia.

In result of a research.

Nusajaya has a population of 1.4 million people.

With Malays being the majority race and Chinese ranking as the second majority race, and Indians being the minor race.

Nusajaya is assuredly the largest urban integrated development in Southeast Asia.

Being a city nearby to Singapore.

It is definitely a great place to live at if you want to easily get to Singapore.

Entertainment comes easily here.

From the range of theme parks to shopping malls to restaurants.

It’s all pinpointed here.

The famous theme park that people go to in Nusajaya is called Legoland.

If you want a fun activity day with your family or friends.

This is the place to go.

A mall adjacent to the theme park is Mall of Medini if you feel the need to shop (for the adults out there who aren’t really fond of theme parks!).

The food here is also one of the most scrumptious.

One of the famous ones is Laksa Johor.

Instead of the usual noodles or bihun.

This succulent meal uses spaghetti.

Its gravy is thick and curry-like, almost like a paste, but edible, and is made of ground fish (ikan tenggiri or ikan parang), coconut milk, dried shrimps, asam gelugur, including a mixture of herbs and spices to cook the dish to its fullest potential. Other than Laksa Johor, you can find foods like Lontong, Mee Rebus, ‘Pontian’ Wantan Mee, and many more!

You’re in for a feast of tasty food here in Johor.

For the ones who want to dine in.

Tthis era of modernity is certainly in your favors, as you can easily order food via ‘GrabFood’ or ‘food panda’.

Which is a service made to deliver you food from nearby restaurants with a small delivery fee (depending on the restaurant’s charges).

The living costs in Nusaja

It's typically on the mid-range side.

Not too cheap and not too expensive.

The average cost of an apartment for rent in Nusajaya is around RM1,000 per month.

Which is quite decent if you’re working at Singapore.

Considering the basic salary in Singapore is from the range of S$1,300 (around RM3,600) based on statistics.

Bills of restaurants on average can total up from RM8 to RM18, depending on which restaurant you are dining at.

But if it’s a fine dining restaurant.

Don’t expect the prices to be like what I mentioned.

Of course!

There are various transportation services available in Nusajaya.

For instance,

There are taxis available (or nowadays, there are loads of Grab cars available at your service to transport you to places), buses and subways.


If you own a car (remember to stay in the right lane and drive safely!),

It’d be much easier to get to places,

Of course as you don’t have to bear the waiting time or availability of these services,

You can just go wherever you want, whenever you want.

Getting to Singapore from Nusajaya

One of the other complicated issues of getting to Singapore from Nusajaya is the traffic jam.

Especially during peak hours (early morning or late evening, so try to avoid pushing off at these hours unless you really have to!).

It takes around thirty minutes to get to Singapore to Nusajaya by car.

Which is the fastest way.

If you’re going there by bus, expect a lot of interchanges to happen en route to Singapore, which is quite cumbersome, eh?

Getting There Using the Bus

To get there using bus,

You have to go to the Custom and Immigration Quarantine Complex (CIQ) in downtown Johor (remember to bring your passport!).

Once you’re cleared,

Trail the signage to Woodlands/Singapore for the bus.

You will need to pay the bus fee inside the bus.

Getting There Using the Subway

If you’re using the subway, which is the cheapest way to get to Singapore,

The Tuas Link MRT station is located 14 minutes away from Nusajaya.

Which will get you to the Raffles Place MRT station in Singapore.

The fee is around RM3 to RM8, which is quite reasonable.

Getting There by Car

If you are driving to Singapore using a Malaysian registered vehicle.

You will need a VEP (Vehicle Entry Permit).

This will permit your vehicle to be able to pass through the border without any issues,

As your car owns a valid permit to enter Singapore.

VEP registered vehicles will then be issued an RFID tag (something like a Touch’N’Go, but it’s a tag that is affixed to the windscreen or the headlamp of a vehicle to automatically pass through a toll) specifically unique for each vehicle.

There are two points that will lead you to cross over to Singapore, the two naming Tuas and Woodlands.

Before reaching the Tuas or Woodlands Checkpoints.

Yyou will be passing through immigration to have your passport scrutinized,

So remember to bring your passport along with you!

Once the Malaysian immigration is finally cleared.

You will have to drive across the bridge that links Malaysia to Singapore.

At this point,

you will have to wait in a line to have your passport examined.

Once it’s your turn,

Present your passport and Disembarkation/Embarkation Form to the immigration officer.

And voila, you’ve arrived at Singapore!

Working at Singapore

Working at Singapore can be a dream to many.

Beautiful place, beautiful culture, even beautiful salary!

Working at this Chinese majority country can be really fulfilling, while enjoying your workplace.

You can enjoy the beautiful culture and attractions of Singapore.

Statistics time! As of 2017.

The population of Singapore consists of nearly six million people.

The majority of the population in Singapore is Chinese, covering 75.6% of the population.

The Malays account for only 13.6% of the population and Indians being the minority race, covering only 8.7% of the population.

The island has four official languages, which are Mandarin, Tamil, Malay, and English.

The basic salary in Singapore is around S$1,300, depending on the job you are working as.

Interns are being paid around S$800 to S$1,000, so if you are a fresh leaver.

Expect to get paid around that salary range when looking for a job.

Reasons Why You Should Work at Singapore

There are a plethora of reasons why you should work at Singapore as their economy is booming, salaries are decent, and much more!

The Salary

One of the reasons why people work is to get some money into your pockets, right?


Fear no more,

Singapore is quite generous in this sector.

Singapore companies wanting to obtain overseas specialists.

With remunerative benefit packages and good salaries to attract talented and skilled workers.

For example,

Software engineers here earn up to S$72,000 annually (around RM220,000) and general practice physicians earn about S$96,499 to S$109,668 annually.

For most skilled jobs,

The average annual salary here is S$67,152, which is about S$5,596 per month.

Based on a research,

On average,

Singaporeans work around 45.1 paid hours a week.

Highly paid industries in Singapore are typically accountants, doctors, and software engineers.

Getting a work permit is easy

Applying for a work permit in Singapore would only take a few clicks on the governmental website, and the result comes only within a day.

Everything is applied online — you don’t need to go through the hassle of queuing or paperwork and whatnot.

The procedure is so simple and hassle-free, and even the renewal process is swift and simple.

Adapting is easy

For Malaysians who are looking forward to work in Singapore, you are in luck, as these two countries possess similar languages.

English, being a universal language, in Singapore.

It is the main working language.

Even though it is mainly Chinese populated, English is still used as a language for communicating.

You will find the main races you find in Malaysia here in Singapore.

Which are Chinese, Malays, and Indians.

So it’s as if you’re at the same place, but actually, different!

No corruption, no crimes!

Singapore is ranked the 5th least corrupted country in the world.

It practices law enforcement such as a bribe-free society.

The Corrupt Practices Investigations Bureau keeps a close watch on matters and offers penalization if caught infringing a law.

Jail sentences can be very lengthy and fines can go up to S$100,000.

Even minor offenses are treated seriously.


don’t worry of your bag being stolen or worse, being murdered, as this country is strict in its laws that people are scared to commit crimes.


This sums up everything you need to know about living in Nusajaya and working at Singapore.

Hopefully this guide has helped you if you’re thinking of living in Nusajaya and working at Singapore.

Which are two very beautiful places in Southeast Asia!

It is extremely crucial to be living and working at your comfort and having assurance,

As without comfort and assurance.

How would you live your every day life?




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