How to Check Woodland & Tuas Checkpoint Traffic (Live)

18. Nov 2020
How to Check Woodland & Tuas Checkpoint Traffic (Live)

Crossing the border between Malaysia and Singapore need a smart strategy including to learn the tools to check the traffic.

Known as the busiest border crossing in the world.

Fail to plan your trip may make you stuck in heavy traffic which the worst record is nine hours.

There are two borders that link between Malaysia and Singapore.

One in Woodlands and the other one is in Tuas.

Though with two borders built to cross between the countries, the traffic is not a joke with estimation of 400 000 commuters per day.

As many Malaysians work in Singapore, the borders get busier during the weekdays especially in the morning and evening which is the blue-collars’ working hour and changing shift time for those working on shift.

If you are one of them who works in Singapore but resides in Johor Bahru,

It is important to learn the traffic before you start the journey.

This will give you an advance warning and expectation on what might happen by the time you reach the border so you will be all prepared.

With the advanced technology,

You can use the tools to check the traffic and everything is at a tip of your finger.

All you need is a smart phone and good internet coverage which is not a problem as both countries are good with it.

Here are the list of websites or applications that might be useful to give you a picture of current situation at the check point in Woodlands and Tuas.



If you are looking for a user-friendly website that will give you all information in one page, is highly recommended.

All you need to do is to key on the website name and you will be directed to home page as in picture.

As you can see....

There are 4 different traffic reports on different highway.

As you are now trying to get an update for the border between Singapore and Malaysia,

Just click on table number 4 titled Johor-Singapore and now displayed on your gadget is the current traffic of Woodlands and you can see Tuas current traffic as you scroll down.

As you are studying the picture of the current traffic,

You will notice the website is also provides you the estimation time needed to cross the border.


It will be easier for you to estimate the time to reach your destination and let the person in charge know if you might be a little late.

Other than that, as for your convenience, you can see at the top left of the website is forecasted weather update for the current day until the next two days.

It is a simple maths that the traffic will get heavier when it is raining, so don’t forget to bring your raincoat, leave early or prepare some snack to kill the time if you see a cloud with raindrop sign appear.

Just for an additional info,

This website also shows live exchange rate for Malaysia Ringgit, Singapore Dollar and US Dollar on the left side.

Utilize this information as much as you can and decide where you should change your money to get the most.

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If you would like simpler layout to learn the traffic condition of Tuas and Woodlands,

You may visit

Once you key in the address,

You will be directed to its website home page as displayed in the picture.

The website shows three different camera angles for every checkpoint.

The camera is positioned strategically in the main roads to give you an accurate update of the traffic condition.

From Woodlands checkpoint area,

The camera will show the causeway towards Johor, towards BKE and from Woodlands flyover to the checkpoint.

From Tuas checkpoint area,

The camera shows viewpoint from Tuas Second Link, Tuas Checkpoint and after Tuas West Road.

As additional information....

The website shows the traffic condition on Second Link Malaysia area too.

The updates are at KM1.3, KM1.8 and KM4.7.

The entire camera shows important information enough for you to plan your journey.


It only gives you an update on every five minutes and not continuously and automatically update.


You need to press the refresh button located on the right side of the checkpoint name in every five minutes to get the latest update.



If you prefer a provider that can be reached both through website and through application that can be downloaded in your gadget, is your answer.

To browse it on the website,

You may key in and a display as in the picture will appear.

If you prefer to download the application instead,

It is available in Google Playstore and Appstore.

To download, you may search for and click download.

This is a very straight forward application as once you launch the application, it will automatically display the current traffic at the Singapore-Malaysia checkpoint.

This will save time and energy consumption as you will not need to click or find any button to learn the traffic condition.

Just like any other provider, also shares all important angles of traffic condition needed to learn the traffic as they have three viewpoints from Woodlands and three for Tuas.

You may also learn that there are also shows the traffic condition at Johor Eastern Dispersal Link Expressway and Woodlands Train Checkpoint or CIQ entry from Singapore.

As the picture shows the current condition of the traffic,

It also shows the estimation of the time needed to pass the border via any checkpoint to aid your journey. not only shows you the current condition of traffic at the checkpoint,

But you may also plan your journey ahead as it also gives you the forecast of traffic condition for Woodlands and Tuas up to the next 12 hours.


If you are thinking of having a trip anytime on the next 12 hours especially during festive season, do not forget to check your traffic forecast first.

This application is rated 4 stars in both Google Playstore and Appstore shows that it is well-received by the commuters of the borders.

It is also stated to be one of 6 application that every Singaporean should have by


4. SG TrafficLeh: Causeway & Cam

If you ever heard of SG BusLeh, SG TrafficLeh is another sister company of them.

Instead of telling you all information about bus timing,

SG TrafficLeh tells you about the traffic condition of the borders between Malaysia and Singapore.

This application is available on both Google Playstore and Appstore.

You may just search SG TrafficLeh to download.

If you are the type that loves systematic and neat arrangement,

This application is best for you.

Once you launch the application,

Instead of directly displaying all the traffic condition in one page,

You are allowed to choose which causeway you would like to view.

This way you don’t have to look at all roads at once which may cause you to get confused,

But you can study the traffic one by one calmly.

SG TrafficLeh shows traffic condition at the checkpoint including Woodlands Causeway and Tuas Second Link as well as expressways and highways all in one application.


Once you pass the border you may still use the same application to look at the other traffic condition.

Save your time and phone memory!


The only thing this application is lacking is it does not show the estimated time to cross the borders as it is an important part for the commuters to plan their journey.

Should this application has this feature,

It would be perfect! Maybe coming soon?

To have a smooth journey one must plan the journey properly. Facing a heavy traffic might kill the mood especially if it is a work or holiday trip. Other than checking the traffic condition online, here are some tips that might be useful for your journey.

a. If you know any friends or family that are going to the same destination, you might consider car-pooling to lessen the number of cars entering the borders. You might think you won’t affect the traffic but your contribution is actually big especially if the others are thinking the same too. Remember, great minds think alike.

b. Never cut lane! Remember, everyone else are in rush too especially during the peak hour. Cutting lanes will not only cause the traffic to get worse, but kill the mood of the other road users.

c. If you are a first timer, please do a proper research before your trip. This will lessen the risk of you getting lost or queue in the wrong lane that will waste your time.

d. Make sure all the passports and other documents are ready before you reach the immigration. You sure do not want others to wait while you are looking for your passport.

e. Be civilized. Do not bring any form of prohibited items in or out of the country. If you have no problem, do not look for one.



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