Top 7 Places To Stay In Johor Bahru If You Work In Singapore

18. Nov 2020
Top 7 Places To Stay In Johor Bahru If You Work In Singapore

Many Malaysians dream of traveling across the southern border of Malaysia for various job opportunities across all working classes.

Not only for career progression.

But also for the remunerative currency exchange that Malaysians enjoy when Singapore dollar is converted to Malaysian ringgit.

Some even have their pathway planned to the extent of wanting to stay in the nation’s southernmost state, Johor; and traveling daily to Singapore for work.

This is evidently to be able to cut costs as well as to save money.

But many of these people are burdened by the dilemma of where exactly to find strategic accommodation in order to save money and time-traveling across the border.

Being an advanced, self-sustainable city in itself,

Johor Bahru boasts some terrific townships and suburbs that are a wholesome package: proximity to the border between both nations; comfortable residential properties, housing areas that provides the perfect work-life balance, great food destinations that you would be spoilt for choices.

Entertainment and fitness centers that allows maximum stress-busting exercises; as well as super-affordable rental prices.

Below are the most profitable and strategic areas in Johor Bahru that you can consider for accommodation when you finally take the big step in your career:

1. Bukit Indah

Situated just 20 minutes away from the Second Link Expressway.

Bukit Indah is for those who are looking for a bustling township that offers all types of residential properties as well as amenities.

Located in the heart of Iskandar Malaysia.

Protential residents of this town will find themselves having easy access to a wide variety of facilities.

Among the amenities that are easily found in Bukit Indah are schools, commercial buildings and offices, shopping centers, hypermarkets, restaurants, hotels, and a convention center.

It is just 13km from the city center and 23km from Singapore,

Making it one of the most sought-after addresses in Johor Bahru.

As for residential properties, the serene town fits people from all backgrounds, regardless of religion, culture or marital status, to find the perfect spot to live their lives.

These include service apartments, terrace houses, garden villas, and semi-detached houses.

Bukit Indah also houses a wide range of entertainment spots regardless of your preferences, be it modern, state-of-the-art shopping malls or luscious green parks.

It houses AEON Bukit Indah shopping mall, Tesco Hypermarket, hawker centers, Mamak restaurants, fine dining restaurants with international cuisine, fitness centers, township parks as well as precinct parks.

Within a 5km radius, residents can also find LEGOLAND Malaysia, Medini, and Puteri Harbour.

Hospitals with great service and infrastructure such as Columbia Asia as well as education hubs like EduCity, international schools, colleges, and universities are also found nearby.

Rooms for rent in Bukit Indah are always in abundance for its relevance and ranges from RM300 to RM1200 depending on the unit.

2. Bandar Selesa Jaya

Located in Skudai.

Bandar Selesa Jaya is a residential haven for those looking to travel to Singapore for work.

The development includes single and double-story terrace units, condominiums, apartments, and semi-detached houses.

With an average of three bedrooms and three bathrooms, the area also works for those with big families migrating to Johor Bahru.

It takes about 19 minutes to Singapore via the Second Link Highway, with a distance of about 15km.

The area is close to Bukit Indah, therefore it shares all perks with Bukit Indah residents, from AEON Bukit Indah to LEGOLAND Malaysia.

Rent a room in skudai begins from RM300 upwards depending on the unit, thus making it an even more famous area for those working in Singapore.

3. Gelang Patah

It is about 25km from Johor Bahru and takes less than 15 minutes to the Second Link.

This makes Gelang Patah a strategic location to those who want to travel to Singapore for work as well as keep close to the capital of the state.

Similar to Bukit Indah and Taman Selesa Jaya.

It is of close proximity to Legoland Malaysia, Puteri Harbour and several international schools, medical colleges, and luxury homes.

Gelang Patah is also famous for its culture and local cuisine, therefore hawker centers and otak-otak stalls are very common in this area.

Due to its distance to Singapore, Nusajaya and Johor Bahru, many new residential projects are upcoming and selling like hot cakes in this area.

Despite its competitive price, rental here could go as low as RM900 for a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment, depending on the unit.

4. Tun Aminah

Being in Skudai, this area boasts a variety of amenities nearby such as entertainment centers, fitness centers, green parks, as well as places of worship.

It also has in its center a lifestyle shopping mall and a one-stop shopping center called Tasek Central.

Tasik Central is the main attraction for this suburb, boasting various facilities and amenities, and attracts people from nearby areas in the Skudai town to this place.

Residential properties here vary from condominiums to terrace houses, with rent starting from RM900 onwards depending on the unit.

5.Taman Pelangi

Another hidden gem for potential tenants, Taman Pelangi is only about 30 minutes to Second Link Expressway.

With many types of landed properties in its belly, Taman Pelangi has always been a perfect choice for Singapore workers.

This suburb also has a mall in its vicinity,Plaza Pelangi.

Apart from its entertainment prowess,

It is also home to various hawker stalls and Mamak restaurants, making it a lively scenery at nightfall.

It houses various types of residential properties, deeming it attractive to tenants from all walks of life.

Single or with family,

Taman Pelangi could be the perfect place for you to settle down before you embark on a career journey in Singapore. Rental prices here start from RM350 depending on the unit.

Making it super affordable for the working class.

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6.Taman Abad

Taman Abad is strategically located in the Johor Bahru town, making it only 8 minutes from CIQ Checkpoint.

This gives it a leeway of being accessible to many areas in Johor Bahru and also allows easy flow of public transportation to the suburb.

Perhaps the most prominent feature of Taman Abad is KSL City.

KSL City houses a shopping complex, a theme park as well as a residential area.

Many people who work in Singapore opt to rent a place in the D'esplanade Residences above KSL City to enjoy mind-blowing wing scenery that the 26-storey building provides.

Being in the middle of Johor Bahru is also a big plus point for this township as it enjoys the night culture that the city is well-known for.

It is always happening here, and anyone who wants to have options for entertainment should consider looking for room for rent here.

Rent here is more on the competitive end, with starting prices usually at RM300 for rooms and could go up to RM5,500 for apartments depending on the unit.

7.Taman Mount Austin

Taman Mount Austin is less than 15 minutes away from the CIQ Checkpoint and boasts various amenities for Singapore-goers.

Located between Taman Daya and Taman Johor Jaya, this township is situated in Tebrau.

It is one of the most conducive areas to live in Johor Bahru, with a balanced mix of serviced apartments, terrace homes, semi-detached homes, shop office lots as well as industrial buildings.

The township has a mix of security features, with some areas not guarded, some employ a 24-hour security system and the newer houses being gated and guarded.

It is a self-sustainable area with restaurants, business offices, service centers, schools, and malls in close proximity; but it also has easy access to Hospital Sultan Ismail, AEON Mall Tebrau,

IKEA Tebrau as well as Tesco Extra Tebrau City.

Rental prices here usually start from RM300 and could go up to RM1100 depending on the unit.

These seven townships in Johor are the crème de la crème of suburbs for those having a career in Singapore.

Despite the perks of working in Singapore and earning in the dollar,

Many finds the travel to the neighboring country and the hassle of being stuck in traffic congestion day in and day out very exhausting and tiring.

All these people want is to have a good rest in a relaxed environment when they reach home at the end of the day.

What better way to do it than being in a conducive environment and calming atmosphere for you to unwind your hectic day with plenty of choices for food destination and stress -releasing entertainment?

*This article stands only as suggestions for those looking to travel from Johor to work in Singapore and should not be taken as legal advice on any property or listing of any kind.


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