Malaysia Food vs Singapore Food (Which Is Better)

18. Nov 2020
Malaysia Food vs Singapore Food (Which Is Better)

A Look Into Malaysia Singapore Food

In many ways people have always discussed the Malaysia Singapore food.

The two countries share a border connecting the Singapore island with Malaysia through Johor state.

Food in any region determines the culture and tradition the local inhabitants follow.

It shows the influence of different regions that has formed into what it has become in the recent times.

Malaysia Singapore food are quite similar especially due to their proximity to each other.

With time and culture, eventually the traditions change as well.

And these changes and modification to the culture are seen in the lifestyle, cultural celebrations and the influences to the food.

The Difference Between Malaysia Singapore Food

We all know the history of Malaysia and Singapore so it is understandable that along with culture and traditional significance even the food is much similar to each other.

But since the partition,

it is understandable that there may have been some changes in these past few decades.

It is often discussed that the Malaysia Singapore food is highly by the Indian, Chinese, Malay and Nyonya culture.

If you look at a larger group you might find similarities but the main difference lies in the details.

For instance.... 

The Malaysia Singapore food may have been originated and mixed up with South Indian, Chinese and Malay cuisines but their own regional difference remains.

In Singapore...

The Chinese cuisine is mainly inspired from the Hokkien and Teochew culture whereas in Malaysia it is more towards the Cantonese side.

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Famous Dishes Among Malaysia Singapore Food

The most accurate comparison can be seen with the famous dishes that have been a part of the culture of this region.

Certain food has been claimed on both sides of the Johor straits for centuries and they can be the best judge which one is better among Malaysia Singapore food.

We will discuss some of these dishes to have a closer look.

We start with discussing the famous chicken rice.

It is a popular dish in Singapore and is considered their national dish.

It is a dish serve with fragrant rice made with chicken stock along with sliced poached chicken breasts, with chicken stock soup and condiments to go on the side.

This is the original way of preparing chicken rice. In Malaysia, they offer a variety of types, and is popularly known as nasi ayam.

They are offered in the original poached recipe, roasted and even in BBQ or honey glazed sauce.

Serving them with a type of chili sauce and mashed garlic in vinegar go well along with it as well.

Image 1: Malaysian BBQ Sauce Roasted Chicken Rice

Image 2: Singapore Chicken Rice

Another dish that takes away the title of being as one of the popular dish is the chili crabs.

As the Singapore and Peninsula Malaysia are surrounded by sea, it has open many channels and options to the seafood.

With its geographical significance, many dishes are inspired by seafood in this region.

Back to chili crabs, it is owned by Singapore but there is always a suspicion where this dish originated from.

Widely popular in both Malaysia Singapore food, its recipe has been much similar on both sides of Johor straits.

Malaysian tourism claims this dish as its own and often discusses how it is being adopted by many other nations.

This dish is made with different types of crabs depending on the preference.

It is cooked with a tomato sauce which is later garnished with chopped chili and eggs.

The whole combination results in a savory sweet experience.

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Image 3: Chili Crabs

Discussing the food items of the straits can never go without speaking about the world-famous laksa.

Laksa is a spicy soup topped with a wide variety of assorted ingredients.

In Singapore the Laksa is called the Katong Laksa, made in coconut milk curry cooked in a number of herbs, fish cake, prawns and a big portion of noodles.

In comparison....

In Malaysia there are many types and variety of Laksa depending on the location.

Every region is known for its distinct recipe of laksa but the most famous one is Assam Laksa popularly known in Malaysia as the Penang Laksa.

Image 4: Katong Laksa from Singapore

Malaysians prefer to have their laksa in a sour soup base with the use of tamarind and the fish stock.

A different variety of herbs along with fish slices, ginger and a big portion of the noodles preferably vermicelli.

Due to the different regions and its distinct culture Malaysia.

This soup has definitely made its way and found a distinct taste and their own recipe.

Image 5: Penang Laksa

Food Bloggers on Malaysia Singapore Food

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Pro Malaysia Food

Being experimented by a famous food blogger Ms. Lau.

She traveled from Singapore to the city famous for its food variety, Ipoh.

She introduced Ipoh as one of the busiest and crowded city she has been in Malaysia reflecting back to its rich history and a smell of its food fragrance in the streets.

One of the places she recommends in Ipoh is the Nam Heong cafe where she encountered people of different ages.

These people she described as the food travelers.

She came across a Singaporean couple who were enjoying Char Siew Pau and white coffee.

The other individual she met was a man who was looking forward to being at he Nam Heong cafe.

He delightfully enjoyed Char kueh teow, dimsum and curry prawn mee along with shredded chicken and then ending his meal with popiah rolls.

Along with these delicacies...

Ms. Lau speaks about her visits to other place around Ipoh to try their local delicacy of Prawn Mee and every place turned her emotions higher.

The uniqueness and skills that people require in preparing these dishes is remarkable.

Ipoh is also famous for its wonderful spread of nasi kandar, which is a south Indian styled buffet lunch and dinner arrangement.

These places are owned by Indian muslims mainly and offer authentic taste from South India.

Their menus change on a regular basis and every time they finger licking good.

Image 6: Ipoh Prawn Mee

Ms. Lau often speak about her experience with the drinks in specific with all of her meals in different cafes.

She seemed fascinated with the creamy white coffee in Ipoh which has a distinct taste of its own.

She found it pleasantly creamy and a must take with all your meals to wash down all the food from your food marathon.

There were other drinks she mentioned along with the Ipoh white coffee.

She specifically enjoyed silap bandung, teh-o ice and the famous teh tarik.

Ms. Lau usually ended her days with dessert hunting around the Ipoh city.

She was inspired by the variety of things offered as part of the street food such as crispy prawn sauce sprinkled over rojak, cendol, ice kacang and the coconut ice cream.

She described the sweet items as something that was made with proper care and patience.

Her experience was so delightful that she completely agrees how the Malaysian food is better than the Singaporean food.

Image 7: Rojak

Bloggers Defending The Singapore Food

Similarly, there are food bloggers who claim the experience of food hunting to be better in Singapore, compared to Malaysia.

The food blogger, Ironchef, emphasizes on the food and authentic cuisines that Singapore has to offer. Ironchef basically speaks about the quality, hygiene and ease of getting the food around Singapore.

Her main idea is over the fact how systematic it is to go about and get your cravings satisfied in Singapore.

There was another debate among the food lovers from Malaysia and Singapore when BBC nominated Cendol as one of the key desserts as award worthy, originating from Singapore.

It was argued by many and claiming it as part of the Malaysian cuisine.

When speaking about cultural significance people do have healthy arguments in order to protect their culture and tradition.

It is as close as guarding your identity, which is why we see people getting emotional in expressing their views in subjects like these.

Image 8: Cendol Dessert

Food, Connecting People

Even though we encounter arguments focusing on things like food and geographical significance which in most cases turns sour, it somehow proves itself worthy.

It shows what the other nation or the country has to offer and with ease of traveling,

One must travel to find out. An approach to the kind of argument that takes place in different platforms of the social media age must be dealt with respect for the other party.

Traveling for food is a great hobby which opens you to other cultures and makes it easier for you to be a global citizen.

When comparing Malaysia and Singapore, it is important to know the size difference and regional significance in both the nations.

In Singapore....

You get the authentic Hokkein food along with a touch of Siamese food.

It is a very systematic state city and the ease their system provides to their citizens is worth sacrificing for a variety of taste their neighbor Malaysia offers.

Many Singaporean travel to Malaysia mainly for their number of beaches and the food.

Malaysia is much bigger in size and with the regions it adopts offers a great deal of recipes that Singapore does not.

The hunger for trying new food also opens the people to know more about the culture of a region.


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