8 International Universities in Johor (Pick One)

18. Nov 2020
8 International Universities in Johor (Pick One)

There are a number of international institutions in johor, that includes international schools and universities. The international schools and universities in Johor are just as reputable as the ones in any part of Malaysia. These international institutions in Johor all have detailed programmes, Passionate teachers and holistic learning environment.

However, choosing the right international university in Johor after your secondary education for you will be one of the biggest decisions you will have to make because you will be deciding on where to live, what to study for the next few years.

You will want to be studying something you are interested in and you'll want to be in a location that suits your way of life because let's face it, university is like a trial run into adulthood where you'll have to learn to live on your own and discipline yourself for your course.

It sounds like a big deal because it is, so for you to make an informed decision, this article will be reviewing several international universities in Johor in a brief manner so that you may shorlist the ones you like and go through them in detail later.

At international universities, you'll not only be able to further your studies, you'll be obtaining an international certificate while still being in Malaysia or perhaps through a twinning programme.

A twinning programme is where you'll do like 2 years in Malaysia and finish your final year or semesters overseas.

Graduating from an international university means you'll be able to work anywhere in world (base on your qualifications)! A chance to work overseas? Sounds pretty darn good to me !

I hope i've gotten you excited for studying in international universities! Are you hyped up yet ?  Yeah?

Are you thinking about how to get into an international university?

Want an international certificate but Don't know if you qualify?

It doesn't matter whether you went to a national public or private school or even an international school for you secondary education, don't fret about how to enrol with your qualifications just yet.

when there's a will, there's a way, so if you don't qualify, you can get qualified! Get to know some of these international universities in Johor before putting yourself off from getting an international degree certificate. The enrolment and admissions process might seem like a hassle but this is the first step into your desired programme of study in an international institution.

This is where you'll build a knowledge fortress for your desired profession and where you'll culture yourself for adulthood.


So let's take a look (read) at some of the international universities in Johor where uoi can start your baby steps into adulthood

1. University of Reading / Henley Business School

With over 150 years of history, University of Readinh offers world class education.

Furthermore, henley was the first ever business school to be established in England and has always been within the ranks of the top 50 business schools by (The AACSB). With such quality and history, you can also expect a well designed campus for you to enjoy studying and university life.

You will also have opportunities to continue you studies in the UK. Sound good? So if the following programmes are what you're aiming for, go ahead and get yourself ready to apply!

Programmes offered:

- Up to bachelors: Business, Law, Psychology, Quantity Surveying

- Up to foundation: Business

- University English

Campus Location:

Persiaran Graduan Kota llmu, Educity 79200 Iskandar Puteri Johor, Malaysia.


2. University of Southampton

Offering generous scholarships and top notch quality engineering programmes, aspiring engineers needn't go too far to be internationally recognised and accredited.

So if you want to be a globally acclaimed engineering graduate, at Southampton university, you will be engaged in a world class learning environment at Iskandar Puteri Johor and will have opportunities to be employed at world class companies all over the globe.

You will also have a chance to complete your final years or semesters at the UK campus. Moreover, you won't need to sped a fortune on your sutdies with the scholarship offered (but you'd want to make sure you qualify or at least are able to be qualified) Sounds pretty lit, doesn't it?

Programmes offered:

- Masters in Engineering: Aeronautics and Astronautics, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engieering

- Engineering Foundation

Compus Location:

No.3, Persiaran Canselor 1, Kota llmu EduCity, 79200 Iskandar Puteri, Johor, Malaysia


3. Netherlands Maritime institute of Technology (NMIT)

Specialized in maritime education, training and consultancy services, Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology (NMIT) is a Dutch-Malaysia university that boasts quality academic education with Emphasis on soft skill, interpersonal and leadership development as well as real-world industry knowledge.

If you're looking to work at sea (or even close to sea), you'll be in good hands at this university.

There will be practical classes and hands on experiences to get you ready and honed for the real maritime world.

You'll be able to work in various global locations upon graduating. Your opportunities after graduating are just as vast as the sea!

Programmes offered:

- Up to Diploma: Maritime Occupational Health and Safety, Port Management, Shipping Management, Maritime Transportation Management, Maritime Law

- Maritime English

- Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE Maritime Logistics)

Compus Location:

Level 11-14, Kotaraya Office Tower, Galleria@Kotaraya, Jalan Abdullah Ibrahim, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor Darul Takzim, Malaysia.

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4. Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia

Delvering cost-effective high quality medical and biomedical education is the ultimate goal of NUMed.

You'll be getting a globally acclaimed medical education at this university and obtain a reputable UK qualification at a significantly lower cost (than in the UK).

NUMed has a well established reputation in producing quality graduates adn research papers so you'll be sure to graduate with essential skills and qualities. You'll come out refined and honed, aware and responsive to the changing needs of the healthcare system.

You'll be able to continue postgraduate studies in the UK campus as well.

Programmes offerd:

- Up to Bachelors:MBBS (Medicine and Surgery), Biomedical Science 

- Up to Foundation: Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Campus Location:

No1, Jalan Sarjana 1, Kota llmu, Educity@Iskandar, 79200 Iskandar Puteri, Johor , Malaysia


5.Crescendo International College

Crescendo is among the few colleges in Malaysia that provides affordable world class educationo with programmes offered by the University of London that encourages creative thinking and innovative problem solving.

The college provides real world experiences and exciting university activities to keep your studying and university social life well balanced. Upon graduating, you'll be well equipped with the skills and qualifications for working in various locations around the world.

Programmes offerd:

- Up to BachelorsL Accounting and Finance, Business and Management, Law

- Up to Diploma: Business, Computer Science, Airline Services

- Executive Training Programmers: ACCA, English, HSK Chinese Language Programme, Direct English Language Programe

- Apprenticeship Programmes: Future Accounting Professionals Programme

- Short Courses: Digital Marketing Entrepreneurship, Halal Certification Training Proframme, Gold and Sports Event Management Programme

- A-levels

Campus Location:

PTD204446, Lebuh Cemerlang, Taman Desa Cemerlang, 81800 Ulu Tilram, Mukim Plentong, Johor, Malaysia


6. Raffles University Iskandar

Raffles university is a practice-base university that offers intensive curriculum and hands-on learning.

It's main focus is in design and business which requires a lot of practical experience so this unicersity is a good place to get it!

This is an Asian-based Malaysia university established by Raffles Education Corporation, which has over 20 campuses in 12 countries in Asia Pacific and Europe.

Programmes offered

- Up to Masters: Business

- Up to Bachelors: Accountancy, Business, Design, Psychology

- Up to Diploma: Design, Business

- Up to Foundation: IELTS, English, Business, Liberal Arts

Campus Location:

Menara Kotaraua Level 9, Unit 09-01, Jalan Trus 80000 Johor Bahru, Malaysia.


7. Universal Business Academy 

Aside from getting a UK qualification that will allow you to work anywhere in the world, this academy provides online distance learning that lets you study anywhere anytime at your own pace, making it on of the most flexible and of course affordable business institutions in this list.

Programmes offered:

- Up to Masters: Business and Management

- Up to Bachelors: English and Administration, Business Management

- Up to Graduate Diploma, ATHE Level 5, Hotel and Hospitality

- Up to Executive Diploma: Business Management

Campus Location:

- Online (master), or

- 70-02, Jalan Austin Height 8/2, Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia


8. Kolej MDIS Malaysia

It doesn't sound very international, does it? However, don't let first impressions fool you. MDIS actually stands for Management Development Institute of Singapore.

So you'll be getting a Singaporean education in Malausia! This university offers globally recognised degrees in collaboration with highty acclaimed universities in Australia, France, England and America.

Programmes offered:

- Up to Bachelors Degree: Business

- Up to Diploma: Tourism & Hospitality, Mass Communication, Information Technology, and Digital Media

- Certificate in English Language

Campus Location:

- Kolej MDIS Malaysia Suite 17-02, Level 17, Johor Bahru City Square(Office Tower), 106-108, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 80000 Johor Bahru, Malaysia


Before i end this article, I'd like to go through why international education at all?

Why should you or your family- children and siblings even consider pursuing international education? Well, I went on and on about how university is like a stepping stone into adulthood, you'll have to discipline yourself , arrange your closses, arrange your daily schedule accordingly, I also wrote about being a global graduate, and getting recognized internationoally.

International education is about going places, meeting people and understanding their cultures because you won't just be meeting feelow Malaysians anymore, you'll start meeting people from various countries who might not speak the same languages you do, you might meet people from various backgrounds and culture that practice different traditioons.

It's a great way to grow as a person. Moreover, Malaysia is home to a variety of cultures, ethnicities, religions and languages, and absolutely colourful country with people who are just as colourful.

International education doesm't just help you go abroad, it helps provide insight and preparedness for society, because you will be meeting various types of people with different cultures, speaking different languages throughout your lifetime.

So it you've gone through the article this far, I'd like to congratulate and applaud you for taking the initiative to get to know more about international education. Give yourself a pat on the back for wanting more for yourself because everybody deserves meaningful education.




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