7 Best Food Must Try in Johor Jaya

18. Nov 2020
7 Best Food Must Try in Johor Jaya

7 Must-try Food in Johor’s Underrated Food Haven, Johor Jaya

When it comes to food have in Malaysia,

The first few places that come to many people’s minds are Penang, Ipoh, Malacca and perhaps Kuala Lumpur – and rightfully so.

These places are not only Malaysia-famous,

But also well-known in the whole world as one of the premier food destinations for tourists.

But one place that flies under the radar is Johor Bahru.

Being the southernmost state in the peninsular,

Johor boasts accessibility to the neighbouring country, Singapore.

And therefore,

The state consistently has flocks of Singaporeans crossing both the causeways to get a taste of various authentic and contemporary gastronomic experience.

Johor Jaya, located in the capital of Johor,

Is by itself an underrated food trail. Cuisines by different cultures, be it Malay, Chinese, Indian, Western, Japanese, Korean and many more, are found ubiquitously in Johor Jaya.


Paired with the cheaper price as compared to the charges in Singapore,

See Singaporeans travelling into Malaysia for a great culinary satisfaction.

In this entry,

We have listed seven best food that can be found in Johor Jaya (in a non-chronological order), complete with the what and where and how.

Sit back and enjoy!

This article only serves as a guideline and should not in any way be taken as an official list of best food joints in Johor Jaya.


1. Johor Jaya Muafakat Food Street

Normal road like any other in the day, this street transforms into a lively,

Bustling lane of all kinds of food you can imagine.

With stalls set up hawker-style, tables and chairs are arranged all through the stress with the stalls lining both sides of the street until you literally rich the end of the street.

After 6pm every day...

This street between Jalan Dedap 21 and Jalan Dedap 22 comes to live,

Offering you various choices of delicious food that will guarantee to spoil you.

The stalls here operate in the same manner as any other hawker centres and food courts,

You get a numbered stand upon ordering your food, and you return to your table and wait for your food to be delivered to you according to your number.

Apart from this,

There is also a constant background music adding to the chatter of the diners,

Coming from the street side CD stalls as well as the shop rows existing in the street.

If the name Johor Jaya Muafakat Streed Food is not familiar to you,

Fret not,

You might actually know the place by another name, Hong Kong Boy food street, named after a restaurant that the food street is adjacent to and based on.


22a, Jalan Dedap 22, Johor Jaya, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor

Opening hours:

From 6pm every day


2. New Family Food Court

Also located in Jalan Dedap.

In fact,

Just adjacent to Hong Kong Boy food street;

This stand-alone building of a huge food court is visible even from far away.

The building comes with its own parking lot at the back,

So you need not fret for parking in the ever-busy area of Johor Jaya.

But be warned,

The parking lot usually fills up by 7pm, so you might want to get there earlier if you want to park in the property.

But if the parking is full when you reach,

You can still park at the area as there are many shop rows with ample parking spaces in front of them.

It is not only a hawker centre.

New Family Food Court also doubles as an entertainment centre,

With karaoke singers adorning the stage with peppy numbers, making the atmosphere even more lively.

The food court also boasts a myriad of food varieties, from Malaysian to Western to Thai To desserts and many more.

You will be spoilt for choice when you visit the New Family Food Court!


Jalan Dedap 14, Taman Johor Jaya, Johor Bahru

Opening hours:

8am – 12am

Contact: 019-765 5456


3. Pachem Thai Food

The operators of this state-famous Thai cuisine joint used to operate in their house before relocating to a shop lot in Johor Jaya.

Even when they were running the business in a small scale in their house,

Pachem Thai Food used to have a flock of regular customers visiting the restaurant again and again.

The main reason for this is their mouth-watering delicious food served.

You can expect anything and everything Thai here in this simple and clean environment.

Their tom yam soup is worth every penny,

And tastes exactly like the authentic ones in Thailand itself.

They also offer the soup in red or white.

The soup comes with a healthy serving of seafood, including prawns, squids as well as clams as well as mussels.

You will be enslaved by its aroma as soon as the dish is placed on your table.

Other than Tom Yam Soup, they also serve various other Thai dishes that leaves you wanting more!


2, Jalan Dedap 15, Johor Jaya

Opening hours:

12pm – 6pm (Sundays off)

Contact: 012-757 1343

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4. Restoran Sari Wangi

This joint is a hit if you are an ardent fan of Indonesian food.

Every dish here is an ode to Indonesia’s rich and traditional dish,

With regulars here saying that they feel like they are being transported back to Bali or Padang or Jakarta as they taste every dish.

Their turmeric rice is famous in the area, their chicken rice is flavourful and comes in various style, and they also sell excellent Indonesian cakes such as Layer Cake, Surabaya Melaleuca Cake and Indonesia Gold Cake.

Apart from this...

The air-conditioned premise is also very clean and gives a confident atmosphere for you to dine in with family and friends.

Companies also have organized their get-togethers here.

Restoran Sari Wangi provides you with a one-of-a-kind gastronomic experience at a very reasonable price.


52, Jalan Dedap 9, Johor Jaya

Opening hours:

11am – 11pm

Contact: 07-364 3566


5. Mizu

Among many Korean food providers in Johor Jaya,

This one stands out.

This is because Mizu skilfully combines both Japanese and Korean cuisines and leave their customers in awe.

People are known to frequent this shop often, and rightfully so, 

As their meals and dishes are all to perfection.

They serve excellent dishes such as Japanese curry rice, ramen noodles, Korean bibimbap, barbecue as well as various types of noodles.

They also charge flat prices reasonably,

Giving more reasons for regulars to visit this joint whenever they are in town.

Apart from that...

They also are not shy to dabble in new products,

Such as the black sugar the Tarik ice cream launched last year, that was an instant hit among regular customers.


14&16, Jalan Dedap 4. Taman Johor Jaya, Johor Bahru

Opening hours:

11am – 10pm

Contact: 018-299 4202

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6. Flying Wanton Mee

Being a local favourite,

This stall, located in the Tien Tien Lai Kopitiam, serves authentic and tasty Wanton Mee.

Most of the customers here are regulars,

So you can assume the quality of the food served here.

This restaurant not only gives you a great gastronomical satisfaction,

But also a rather unique visual experience in the chef’s preparation of the Wanton Mee.

After cooking the noodles, he first tosses the noodles high up in the air a few times before placing them on the plate for garnishing.

Many say this is a gimmick,

But the true reason of the toss according to the chef himself is that the tossing allows the noodles to be dry as possible before it is paired with the sauces,

As wet noodles do not absorb the sauces, therefore the flavour do not pop up.

True to his words,

His Wanton Mee is definitely worth the try,

As it is deliciously served with pork slices, blanched leafy vegetables as well as lark cracklings on the side.

This combination wins because the chef uses hand made noodles and pairs it in the right amount with his homemade sauces,

And adding taste to this is his traditionally-prepared wantons.


59, Jalan Bakawali 50, Taman Johor Jaya

Opening hours:

7.30am – 3pm

Contact: 012-289 2035

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7. Tiang Kee Chicken Hor Fun stall

This stall is located in Old Eight in One Restaurant in Johor Jaya.

It is famous for its Ipoh style Kueh Teow Soup,

Which the original dish back in Ipoh is perhaps one of the best Hor Funs in Malaysia.

Tiang Kee has done a marvelous justice to the Ipoh dish with his own rendition,

And due to this, the restaurant is always full to the brim with customers to extent of long queue during peak hours.

The chef himself is a descendant from Ipoh,

Therefore the great quality of his food.

And the best part is.... 

You get a healthy portion of the delicious dish for less than RM8.

With savoury soup that fills the bowl complements well with the succulent prawns and tender chicken meat.

You will definitely be swooned as soon as the food hits your palate.


31, Jalan Ros Merah 2/2, Taman Johor Jaya

Opening hours:

8.30am – 2.30pm



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